Wednesday, November 30, 2011


No worries, I am still among the living.  Thanksgiving break has come and gone, and I have hit the ground sprinting since coming back.  Tomorrow is a pretty big day on my schedule with two big projects due and a final exam.  Today we had class chapel though where the president of our class shared a devotional.  He referenced Jeremiah 32:27 and it hit me hard, "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh:  is there any thing too hard for me?"  Think about that for a while.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

a few past due pictures and an update on life

Hello all,

Another weekend is here.  I am so thankful for weekends and the break from a regular class schedule that they offer.  This weekend has been a bit different as last night the girls (as an award for winning the Penny Wars) were allowed to stay up all night watching movies in their room.  After dinner, I went to some married students home with Kari as she 'babysat' (the twins had already gone to bed and were sleeping when we got there).  We watched one and a half movies and enjoyed some double chocolate brownies and milk that Katie had made for us.  Yummy.  We cried through the first movie, Though None Go With Me.  It was a very good movie, but brought back some memories of Grandpa.  And well, it just happens when there are two close friends (both of which are female), and you are overtired from school.  The tears just flow all too easily.  We came back and watched the rest of the half movie, and watched another.  Aah, the joys of friendship, young life, and good clean entertainment to unwind from classes.  Needless to say, I got no homework done.

 The end of a fun evening together

Today I took the morning off, and this afternoon have been working on history.  I am thankful to have finished the written assignment as well as a collage of the Growth of American Society.  Sounds fun, huh?

Mission's Conference went very well.  It wiped a fair bit of energy from me, but I had such wonderful conversations with so many of the missionaries.  Each year, I appreciate Mission's Conference more as I get closer to hopefully one day being on the mission's field.  It is so good to share with them my hopes in serving on the mission field later in life, and how I want to serve.  They were very encouraged and helped affirm there is the need.  I am sad it is over and my Mission's Conference planning is done.  It is by far the highlight of my college career.

In between things, I have been taking pictures off my camera card and putting them on my computer.  Here are some random ones (and some I promised a ways back)....

 Here are some of the photos from the Fiesta Hannah and Laura put on a few weeks ago.

 The hot pepper eating contest.  Jalapeno was the most mild one there that night.
 Pin the tail to the donkey.
 Laura with the Pinata her and Hannah had made.
 The lovely hostesses.
Photo booth
 Brother Sister Devos: Cheryl and Leslee (above), and Mike with his Minnie Mouse mug (below)

 Our first snow!  It wasn't much, but was still fun!

The countdown for break is 6 days, and I have a long list of things to do while home.  I can barely wait.  I don't know why, but I think I am most eager for break that I have ever been.  I have already told Mom that when I get home, I am going to spend half my time sleeping (I am utterly exhausted), and the other half cooking and baking in the kitchen.  That is 75% correct.  25% of my time I suppose I should spend doing some homework.  It shouldn't be too bad though since I am growing to enjoy most of my homework because I love education so much.  Anyways, it is almost here.  There is lot still standing between me and break, but it will be here soon enough and the Lord will help me get to that point.  Let me know what is going on in your life, please.  I blab all about my life, but would love to hear what is going on with you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

C Celebration

Each year, the women RAs try to plan a "Girl's Night" each semester.  This semester we decided to have a C Celebration where everything started with C.  We RAs had so much fun with this.  It made RA meetings such fun as we would all giggle and Contemplate what we could do.  The Celebration occurred tonight, and as far as I know--a fun time was had by all. I know we RAs had a blast!  I think the best way I can tell you about it is through pictures.  So sit back, and enjoy our Captured moments by a Camera (sorry, I am still going with the Cs).

Getting Started
 Starting my Cow Costume.

These are some of the labels for our food! 

The back of my Cow Costume--like the C spot? 

Bekah and Hannah putting up the Cray paper. 

 We called all of our refreshments...Chow!

 Getting Christmas music to play during throughout the evening.

Bekah preparing one of our activities for later in the evening. 

Hannah made delicious Coffee punch for our C Celebration. 

Another name for this was our Calorie Cafe! 

Coffee Punch, Coca-Cola, and Cranberry Sierra Mist. 

The Women RAs: me (Cow), Hannah (Cowgirl), Bekah (Cat), Rachel (Carrot), and Bekah (Coffee addict).  So appreciate these girls, all they are teaching me, and their friendship.

Conversing and Coloring Contest
As the ladies arrived, they had a Chance to Converse, Consume Calories, and participate in our Coloring Contest.

 Cowgirl Clown


 Costumes in this picture: Casual, Comfy, and Curls.

Choosing names for the teams
 Crazy Coconuts

 Courageous, Crafty, Cunning, Clever Cookie Crooks- winner of the most Creative name Contest

Captivating Czechoslovakian Creating Cellos

Cookie Cake decorating Contest

Castle Cooke Cake 

Clover Cookie Cake--winner of the Cookie Cake Creativity Contest 

Creamy (not Creepy) Cardigan Cookie Cake

Cool-whip Cleanse...with Cucumbers
There were two people from each team.  One person would had to be behind the other one, with their head behind the other's back.  The back partner gave the front person a Cool-Whip facial Cleanse, Complete with Cucumbers for the eyes!

CC Conundrum
The bowl was full of Creamed Corn with hidden C objects throughout it: Coin, Cough Drop, hair Clip, Crayon, Clown nose, Coffee Filter, bottle Cap, Carrot, and probably other things too. They did not know at all what they had volunteered themselves for other then that they were going to be participants of the CC Conundrum.  They were great sports.  For each item they guessed correctly, they would get a point.  They would get a bonus if they guessed what the objects were in.

 Lauren was rather hesitant while blindfolded...

...and did not like the feel at all!

Cinderella Comedy
They had to write a Comedy about Cinderella using as many Cs as possible--they definitely fulfilled the task, and we laughed lots!

while they wrote their Comedies, we RAs "Cleaned" up the Creamed Corn!
It was Bekah's idea, so we made her touch it. 

The Cowgirl and Clara Cow

We must not forget Bekah's Cute, Cray Paper Creation

We had so much fun--lots of Clapping, Conversing, Contest, and lots of fun all around!  Thanks for looking at the pictures, I believe they speak for themselves.