Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have arrived

Good morning!

I am here, and had a great time getting here. My sister (nor brother) was not able to join us on the trip, which was sad, but gave Dad, Mom, and I some good time together. On our way down, we stopped in Lancaster, PA to see Joseph with Sight and Sound, and it was SO good. I love Lancaster and so it was special to spend a few hours there. After the show, we hit the road, and got a few hours of driving under our belt before we stopped for the night. Thursday morning we got up bright and early and headed south...Alabama. It was so good to spend some time with Tim and Beth and see where they will be calling home for a while. They have a beautiful apartment right now, that we were all able to comfortably "squeeze" (it wasn't much of a squeeze though) in. My sister-in-law is pregnant expecting my first niece/nephew and I hadn't seen her since May, so my little niece/nephew has definitely grown since then, which was such fun to see. It was a very a relaxing time with the two of them, and I enjoyed that fellowship. Monday morning, we got up at 4:30 central and were on the road around 5:15 to get here close to 2:00. It has been good seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. I am so excited for what God has in store for me this summer, and how He is going to change me into a more likeness of Him. I will try to add pictures to this blog a little later, but for now, I need to get back to organizing (will it ever be organized?) I trust you will all have a lovely day, and please, always feel free to drop me an email (rebekah.hewitt@abc.edu) or you can email me for my snail mail address (which has slightly changed since last year)! What college students doesn't like to get mail?

They were just so cute in the mini carriage. I wish they made mini cars...nevermind, no I don't!

The three of us in front of Sight and Sound.

My beautiful parents.

My future niece/nephew is about 13 inches right now (according to average). Can't wait to meet this little one.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we leave tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is the day Dad, Mom, and I head out...college bound. Our plan is to leave first thing in the morning and we will be stopping in Lancaster, PA for a quick visit on our way through. We then hope to be at Tim and Beth's in AL by Thursday night. We will be able to spend some time with them and go to church with them on Sunday. Early Monday morning, we will head back on up to school, where I will move in that afternoon, and have meetings that evening (it will be a busy day). Next time I am blogging, I expect to be at school. Classes start the 1st, and I must confess that I am really looking forward to classes starting up.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I love my siblings!

I am getting close to heading out for college, and trying to make the most of my last three weeks before school, and I am succeeding at it! The first week home (from working) Daniel came up and I was able to enjoy the week with him. Since then I have enjoyed the time in the kitchen cleaning, cooking, and baking! I have also been trying to make sure I spend lots of time with the people here that I won't be able to see for a while once I go back to school.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott, Sarah, and I decided we wanted to spend an afternoon together. We met Scott and all went into Danby to some beautiful waterfalls (okay, so the waterfall(s) itself aren't that impressive, but they are still fun, and beautiful). We hiked up them and really had no rush for time, so we just enjoyed ourselves. Within minutes of being there, I fell into the water, giving me the shocking sensation when your warm body reaches the frigid water. We hiked up the falls, while throwing rocks to splash each other (Scott got me really good one time). On our way back down, I decided I wanted to slide down the waterfall (when I had gone the other week with Daniel, Beek, and Nick, I had wanted to, but wasn't really prepared so opted out). I got in, trying to go slow and feel me way down to make sure there were no sharp rocks, are large rocks I would land on. After inching forward a few inches, the current grabbed me and I couldn't stop myself, so I quickly hoped there were no rocks in the way. I was a bit scared, but all fear of rocks left when my entire body went under the frigid cold water. I can't even begin to tell you just how VERY cold it was (and it wasn't even an overly warm day). After much coaxing, I was able to get Sarah to slide down the falls and go swimming with me (it was cold enough that I was tricked into believing that it was warmer in the water, then out in the wind). Scott had explained many times that he would not go swimming, because he had not come prepared. But that didn't last long when he was standing on the edge noticing how the water would go up his legs in a pattern when he was standing in the 'heart' of the current. He ended up losing his balance and falling in! We ended up all getting VERY cold, and Sarah's lips were purple and her hands very white, so we decided it was time to get in the sun-baked car!
Scott being a goober as Sarah was trying to get a picture with him.

Scott getting ready to give Sarah a good splash.

Apparently they were trying to play London Bridges.

Scott was trying to climb the waterfall horizontally.

After our fun adventure at the falls, we went back to the house, got some pizza, sunchips, and tea (because you care about exactly what we ate) and enjoyed an evening together. I love having such fun siblings.

I do have another brother and his wife, and sadly, they live in Alabama, so they weren't able to join us. But unlike Scott and Sarah, I get to see them next week when we go down to visit them "on our way" to drop me off at school. Another great way to spend my time before going back to college.

This weekend, we have the fun of having some close family friends stay with us for the weekend, which is always a blast. Monday will be busy since I think I am to be meeting with three different people throughout the day, and then it sounds like we will be leaving early Wednesday morning to head out. Yikes! So many people I want to see and spend time with, but so little time! Looking forward to a fun packed weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a day with my grandpa

(picture taken back at Thanksgiving)

Today we had a picnic down at my grandparents, and I was reminded of just how very much I love my grandparents. I spent most of the time with my grandpa as my grandma tended to the guests. Just talking to him about anything and everything and hearing his wisdom. There is nothing like watching him smile or laugh--I could watch it all day. He is slow going, but his mind is still just as sharp as ever (which is very sharp). I am so thankful to have four living grandparents, all who love the Lord and are so wise.

Friday, August 13, 2010

the summer is drawing to an end...

I apologize for it taking so long to give a final blog about my fifth week, and then on my summer as a whole with CEF. The remainder of the fifth week went very well. By Friday morning, I was feeling much better, and Praise the Lord for healing me. I am also very thankful that I was still able to go to club each day and teach. I especially enjoyed the second club and the sweet children in attendance. I had one mother share with me on Friday how special it was that her daughter had wanted to come to club 'today', even though none of her friends were able to come with her. How awesome it is to see that the Lord wanted her there on Friday even though her friends who had come previous days were not able to accompany her. I find this little girl on my mind a lot just thinking of what the Lord has for her life. If you think of it, please pray for her.

I look back on my summer with CEF with fond memories. It was a good summer, which the Lord worked in my life immensely. I loved the time I had with the children, and was SO blessed with my host homes (one of my fears). I learned many lessons (not always the easy way) and am glad I did this ministry. One of the ways God really worked in my life was in flexibility. Since going to college, I became a too-structured person with hardly any flexibility, and I knew that needed to change. Between my time before CEF and then my time with CEF there were many times I had no choice but to be flexible and I find that the Lord has graced me with some much needed flexibility.

This past week has been a fun week as Daniel came up for a visit. He arrived on Saturday evening after a long day of traveling. We enjoyed the time together and were able to do so many things! Monday we went blueberry picking with Mom, Sarah, and Mrs. Lyons in the morning and in the afternoon we ran into town to run some errands that I had been needing to run for a while, but too busy with CEF. Also during the week, we were able to visit with both grandparents, which was just a sweet time of conversation and visiting. On Tuesday we spent most of the day with Beek and Nick. Nick showed off the good 'ole town of Danby. We first went to some beautiful water falls which the four of us climbed up barefoot. I am not usually overly 'adventurous', but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back. After those falls we went a natural rock slide and watched people slide down them. We picked up some yummy soft serve ice cream and then headed over to Beek B's house where we visited with her and her family a little bit and got to enjoy her two adorable puppies. Yesterday though, Daniel and I had set it aside for us to spend together and we had a blast enjoying the state of Vermont. We went to the Ben and Jerry's factory, Von Trapp Family Lodge, and Burlington. We finished off the day trip Daniel treating me to a delicious dinner. The week was a ton of fun, and we are now praying his safe arrival as he travels to be back at School by Sunday afternoon.

(our day spent with Nick and Beek)

(our time at Ben and Jerry's)

(After walking around Von Trapp Family Lodge)

(On the boardwalk in Burlington)

For those who have been asking, I leave to go back to school on August 25th (or around) to take a mini vacation with my parents. On the mini vacation, we will head down to Alabama to visit with Tim and Beth (+baby). I have to be at school on the 30th and my classes start on the 1st. Thank you all so much who pray so often for me. I am so appreciative of each and every one of those prayers. I will do my best to continue to blog even though my time with CEF is technically done for right now, so keep checking back! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day #4 of Week #5

Shew wee has this week been exhausting. But as one person was reminding me that it is the joy of the Lord that is my strength. It has been a week that I have been learning quite practically that I do nothing of my own strength. This week has brought sickness and severe exhaustion, but God has been good, and I feel as though I am on the recovery. Still fighting a sore throat and runny/stuffy (not an oxymoron, though you may disagree) nose. I am trying to get as much rest as possible and just take it easy. Although all my previous host homes would have handled it great, I must admit that I am happy to be home while all of this is happening. Thank you for prayers, and please keep them coming. I don't want to let my guard down for my very last day of clubs this summer.

The children at both clubs have been a lot of fun, which has helped things out a bit. Our first club is a three hour VBS and I went into it very blindly not knowing exactly what my responsibilities would be. I got there, and realized that just about everything was the responsibility of Corey and I, which added some stress. But as always, God was good and has helped work the schedule out perfectly where we keep the kids (and us teachers) busy for all three of the hours. It has stretched my creativity skills in the athletic department as the group consists of more older guys. Our second club has been a blast for me as the majority of the children are from my church and children I have done a bit of babysitting for. They have been full of energy and great sports. One of the things I love about the second club is their enthusiasm. It is every CEF teachers dream to be overwhelmed at the beginning of club when all the children swarm you saying "Miss Rebekah, may I say my memory verse to you?" "Miss Rebekah, here is my challenge card" "Miss Rebekah, I brought back my mailbox club for the mailbox" "Miss Rebekah, last night I was telling my dad about the story" as I sit there and have to bring myself back from whatever world I go to from the excitement of their enthusiasm for spiritual things.

Thank you so much for your prayers this past week. Clubs are going well, and I am praying that Corey and I find the Lord's strength tomorrow as we complete these two clubs. Praise the Lord, that Corey still seems to be healthy, and we are praying that it continues that way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CEF Week #5

Good morning! It is only Wednesday and it has been a long, yet good, week. We are out of the house shortly after 8am for a three hour VBS at 9am. The VBS has been going well, with both saved children, and unsaved. Yesterday we had eleven children, which was a little down from the second day. We then drive back to my grandparent's where Corey and I eat our lunch and either take a short rest or chat with my grandparents. Our second club is about a mile from my grandparents' house, and yesterday we had fifteen little tots (as Mr. Richardson calls them), and what fun they were. We were inside due to it being too wet outside, and that large room was packed. Please continue to be praying for this week of ministry, and if I may be so selfish as to ask for prayers for myself as I am feeling very under-the-weather this week. Thank you, and my prayers go out for you.