Friday, July 30, 2010

98 cents yumminess

One thing I love about being home is the fun I have the kitchen. The fun may include cooking a meal, doing dishes with my mom, making a family favorite, or doing something extra special for my parents.

This week, I have had the privilege of being home. The beginning of the week (Mon-Weds), home was the host home for the week of clubs, so Corey was here, and then Thurs and Fri, I am home alone with my parents as an only child. That has had its blessings too, and I have so enjoyed the time with them.

Strawberries are 98 cents at Price Chopper and I got a great idea in my head.....cover them in chocolate! I got a little carried away, but had fun making this special treat for my parents just to take the extra step of telling them "I love you".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3-day Day Camp: Day #2 and #3

I must admit that I liked this set-up of the clubs best. It was great fun spending all day with the kiddos, telling them stories, playing games, eating, doing crafts, and lots of giggling. I felt I was able to invest in relationships much more with this set up then with having 90 full minutes for five days.

Day #2 went pretty well, but it was the in between of them being comfortable with us, but being tired from the day before. We were still establishing and sharpening the relationship as the authority. I told the story of the Prodigal Son in the morning, and felt it went well, but that I got a little long winded and lost some of the children's attention. The kids LOVED doing the craft, and all morning were asking "when do we get to do the cement?" Again, no decisions, but in talking to a mother this morning, she was encouraged that one of her children was hearing the gospel and showing interest. The seed was planted, and the Lord will work to what He sees best.

Day #3 went well, and I would even say I felt it went better then yesterday. The children were very energetic, but at the same time, very tuckered out from the heat and two long days before today. I taught the story of Samuel this afternoon, and was encouraged by their thoughtful questions. Again, they were excited to finish up their craft, and I can honestly tell you, they turned out great! The children did a fantastic job at being careful, and creative. They walked away with coasters they should be proud of. Again, the gospel was presented, and a challenge was given to the saved children to pray to God, and watch for him to answer.

I thank you for your prayers this week, as it was a different week for me. I now have two days off, that I am looking forward to cleaning and just catching up some rest that has been a rough department this week. It will also be good to spend some time with mom while dad is off to work. Next week, I get to stay home again, and we will do the bulk of a VBS at a church, and in the afternoon, I get to do a club in my hometown (how exciting is that?) I am looking forward to being all rested up and ready to be with the children again early Monday morning.

Monday, July 26, 2010

3-day Day Camp: Day #1

This won't be a long post, because I have been working on things a bit this evening, and still have a lot to do, but I want to quickly let you know how todays 5 hour club went. I was surprised with how well the club went, and how smoothly it worked. I did the added lesson this morning on Adam and Eve talking about how that is the ultimate "One Way" (the theme) decision. We had 6 well behaved children from age 3 all the way through age 11. I brought the 11 year old with me, and he was a huge help with being an example and helping the younger ones. One of our 3 year olds fell asleep, but I wasn't bothered in the least. I was impressed with how well our two 3 year olds handled the long day of activities, and the sleeping child in the middle of the blanket served as no distraction, so it was as cute as could be and not a problem in the least. The craft we are doing is mosaic coasters and I was pleased with the children's maturity in handling this craft, and was encouraged by their excitement! For some of our game time, we played with a giant parachute, and the children were not the only ones who had a blast! I too enjoyed playing with them and just that lively time of giggles and activity! Please continue to pray for this club, and for the Lord has for these children. Our ultimate goal is to bring God glory!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

catch up on the life of Rebekah

Got back from camping this past weekend, and it was a great time, yet very wet. It sprinkled all Friday afternoon/evening, and then we were excited to see the sunshine Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day, and enough sun to cause a slight burn, but the people who were out swimming are burnt to a crisp (such as Sarah). I was sitting down to watch the annual baseball game with a sleeping baby in my arms when the clouds decided to open in torrential downpour. I ran back up to the site with Allie (the baby) and she thought it was hilarious watching mom and dad run around trying to keep the tent dry. It got sunny later on in the afternoon, and we enjoyed a roast that had been cooked over the fire, and then the famous s'mores later on that evening. We went to bed, and lets just say it was a long night with little sleep thanks to the rain.

As you can read in previous posts, the past week went very well. Corey and I had an awesome host family that we enjoyed spending time with, and Thursday night they took us out kayaking! Both clubs went very well, and I was most encouraged on Monday when counseling two girls. I asked them why they had come back, and they responded with "I have sin that I just need to take care of. Like really REALLY need to take care of". In talking further, I am convinced that they both have accepted Christ, and so I shared 1 John 1:9 with them. They each prayed individually, and then I closed in prayer for them. I later realized what an example they are to me because of their tenderness towards sin. Sometimes I think I have grown stale to the realization of the seriousness of my sins, but these two girls brought a powerful reminder to me that I need to have the same mindset immediately after I sin. The mindset that I really REALLY need to take care of that sin immediately.

This week holds something totally new. We are doing a 3-day day camp with six Bible clubs. Try to figure that out (and if you do, explain it to me). What it will be is a day camp Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday that will go from 10-3. First thing in the morning we will do what we would normally do for a 90 minute club, then play games, eat lunch, do a craft, and then do another one of our 90 minute clubs. If you do the math, that has us doing 6 of the normal clubs amongst the other things, and we were trained to do 5-day clubs, so that has me pulling together the sixth lesson.

That is where you come into play....I need prayer! It is Sunday night and I know what I am teaching (Adam and Eve) and I have everything all scheduled out, but I still have to organize the box, and plan out games, and make sure I understand how the craft will work. I am very tired from the past week of clubs and the weekend and just need prayer for strength. I am clinging to 2 Corinthians 12:10 "For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday update for week #3

It is Friday morning and I wanted to give you a brief update on the past week. Our first club has been going very well, and Corey and I have been having a lot of fun with those children. We have been having the same 8 children all week, and a ninth child on Monday, Tuesday, and she should be back today. Both of our clubs this week are four day clubs due to different situations. The second club was organized Monday afternoon, and Praise be to God, has been better then anticipated. Tuesday we had 3 children, Wednesday we started with 6 children (ended with 4, and not because we lost them, haha), and yesterday we didn't have any. God knows how many children will be at our clubs each day, and has planned it out. Our host home this week has been fantastic, and we have enjoyed our time with them immensely. Last night we got to go kayaking, and what a beautiful evening that was. I am sorry I don't have time to write more, but I am beginning to smell the (good) aromas of breakfast. I probably won't be able to give a full update on this week until Sunday night or later as I am going church camping with my family this weekend. Stay tuned to hear my exciting plans for club next week! Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

midweek update

Here is a quick (and I mean quick) update on how this week is going thus far...

This week is not going much as planned, but that is okay. It is forcing me to rely on God more, and that is a lesson, that I think most of us need to be forced into. Our afternoon club was canceled because her father is in the hospital not doing well. Within the matter of an hour, they were able to reschedule a new one. So that club is only four days (because we skipped yesterday), and today we had three children, the pastor's children. It is being held in an apartment complex, and we are hoping more will come tomorrow. Our morning club is actually also a 4 day club as well because they have swim lessons tomorrow morning. No decisions yet, but as far as I know, the children we have been working with are either already saved, or are raised in a Christian family. Still praying though that the lives are changed for God.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

second week of clubs

Good morning!

Once again, we had two clubs this week, one at 10 in the morning, and the other at 1 in the afternoon. The week went very well, and I Praise the Lord for that. He had a watch over us, and gave us the strength and wisdom to do His work. This week, I did have a new partner this week and her name is Corey. Corey will be a senior in high school and has been working with CEF for the past three summers.

Our first club was located in a small town, at a woman’s house that has recently broken her ankle. Corey and I were able to enjoy some sweet fellowship with her before club and a precious time in prayer. She is a prayer warrior, and I always knew she was praying for us as we were leading clubs in her backyard. She has a daycare just around the corner from her house, so the Lord provided the children for the club from that day care. Each one of those children were a lot of fun, and one of which was a Mormon. It was neat to watch this little girl come out of her shell throughout the week, and by Friday she was asking intellectual questions, and asked if she could have one of “our” Bibles. Please be praying for this little girl as she has heard the gospel, and be praying that she reads “our” Bible, and comes to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Another highlight of this week in our first club, was the Lord giving me the privilege of leading a young girl to Christ. She missed Monday, but from the start of Tuesday, you could see her heart was tender towards the gospel and the things of the Lord. Friday’s Bible lesson is on Samuel being called while sleeping, and this young girl asked the good question of “If we can’t hear God talk to us like Samuel did, how do we know what he says to us?”, and I was able to answer that. She responded to the invitation and we were able to have a sweet conversation about what the Lord did for her on the cross. In explaining this to her, and explaining how the Lord loved her so much that He died on the cross for her sins to be forgiven, she responded in a somber voice, “that must have really hurt”. Please be praying for her, and that she is able to go to church to learn more about God and to be able to grow. Overall, this club was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed our time immensely with these children!

Our second club was located a little south of our first club, and was hosted by a mom of five children. I was deeply encouraged by this woman’s relationship to the young people in her neighborhood, and Tuesday through Thursday, we had a new child who kept coming back! This club had more of the older children, which is more of a stretch for me as I am more often working with younger children, but God was good and helped me through this. I was also encouraged by the Bible knowledge of the hostesses children, and it was great to see another family that has been raised in the Bible, and knowing the truths. Corey and I especially had a lot of fun at this club, and interacting with them before and after club. Please be praying for the children who came who do not yet know the Lord, pray that they talk with the hostess about what they heard this past week, and the Lord would do a mighty work in their lives. Please also pray for the hostess’ children as they have heard about the Lord, pray that continue to grow in their knowledge of Him, and seek to please Him with their lives.

As far as weather goes, we can’t really complain. On Tuesday, we had to take shelter halfway through both clubs, and took shelter for the whole second club on Friday, but other than that, we were able to be outside enjoying the cool shade. It was much cooler then last week, and selfishly speaking, that was a huge praise.

Another prayer request is: for the week of July 26-30, we are looking for two clubs in the Rutland and surrounding area. I have been calling around, but still no one who has been able to commit. Please pray that the Lord’s will be done with the clubs for the week, and that I be content with that. If you are interested in holding a club in your backyard, please contact me.

Thank you again for your prayer support- I couldn’t do it without it. This has been an awesome experience thus far in doing the three things I love most: God, children, and teaching. May the Lord bless you in this upcoming week, and please email me if you have something that I can be praying for you with.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

summary of the first week

Praise the Lord for what He did this past week in the Burlington area. I still am in awe that God would give me such an awesome responsibility in sharing the gospel with children. I couldn't really have asked for anything more in a summer job (other then maybe having it be longer), because I am getting to be around children, getting to teach, and getting to share the gospel...all at once!

This past week we were in the Burlington area doing two clubs. We stayed with a family that used to live in the Rutland area and went to our church and she taught at the Christian school. I enjoyed catching up with them. They were so hospitable and opened up both their home, and their hearts to both Joy and I. They made us feel like part of the family, and it was so good to have a place to call home base and to relax after a hot day.

Our first club was at 10:30 in a home. The family had three wonderful children, and we so enjoyed getting to know them. On Friday, Joy and I had the privilege of sitting down with them before club and sharing our individual testimonies and then getting to hear theirs. Excited to hear what God is doing in their lives, and praying that God continue to do a mighty work in their young lives. The largest number of children we had was on Thursday when we had nine. After club on Wednesday, we got to go outside and play with them. I played with the three-year-old, while Joy surprised them all with her amazing wiffle ball skills!

The second club was a different story attendance wise. We didn't have anyone besides our team until Wednesday. Having new people on Thursday added a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, especially with the review game. Some may consider it to be discouraging that we didn't really have anyone new until Thursday, but I enjoyed the time of prayer and conversation we were able to have with our hostess on those days. Friday afternoon, we had the hostesses grandchildren, and quickly adapted our club to the preschoolers. Again, the Lord was so good!

There were no decisions (salvation or dedication) made this week, but the gospel was shared, and the saved were challenged, so it is in the Lord's hands! Something else that was neat was our first home was under some renovations, and there were construction workers around all week. They heard the songs we were singing, and understood that it was a Bible club that was going on. We don't know, but the Lord could use the clubs and what they heard to work in their lives too!

Overall, the week went so well, and I am so thankful for the time I had with Joy. She just graduated high school this year, and is also new to CEF, so we got to learn together. She is a godly young lady that as soon as you meet her, her inner beauty radiates out. It truly was a joy getting to work with her, and minister alongside her.

Thank you all for your prayers as I went through my first week of CEF clubs. I leave tomorrow afternoon for my next week of clubs, and am excited to see what the Lord does. I do not plan on having internet access next week, so more then likely, you won't hear until Friday evening, unless you give me a call. May God bless you, and use you this week in the furtherance of His kingdom!


I am sorry, but my old format was taken away, and so the blog is under renovation at the time. You can still read the information, but the format and looks are a bit lacking at the time. I will try and get that fixed just as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

update on the first week

This week has been,, very very hot! The past three days we have been over one-hundred degrees, which I feel has hindered the attendance to our clubs, because it is just too hot to go out when you could stay home in your ACed home, or you could go to your next-door-neighbor's pool. But the heat did not catch the Lord by surprise and we have had wonderful attendance at our first club.

Each day the numbers have climbed for our first club and today we had nine children. Praise the Lord, our first club is in an ACed living room which helps a lot, and helps the children's energy level that seems to severely decrease in the heat. My partner, Joy, and I have had a blast getting to know these children and have been able to relax to the point of enjoying teaching and having fun with the children.

Our second club has been much different. For the first three days we had no one besides our team (including the hostess). All credit goes to the Lord when I say I never really got overly discouraged though knowing that the Lord has planned this before I even knew I was going to do CEF this summer. We had some wonderful time in prayer praying for the other teams we knew were teaching. Yesterday, Joy and I taught the club to the hostess as if there were children there, in hopes some children would come on over to check it out. No children ended up coming, but it was a blessing to each of us to get the practice and become more comfortable and familiar with the material. Today we were getting ready to do the same thing when two people from the hostess' church walked up the hill to the picnic table we were at. We were able to do a club, and what a blessing it was. Joy and I both enjoyed the interaction from them, and walked away feeling encouraged and refreshed.

Praise God for the mighty work he has been doing this week. All glory and honor belongs to Him!

Monday, July 5, 2010

first day of club

This morning started early, but we had an uneventful trip over and I enjoyed the time with Mom and Dad. We got over here, spent some time with our host family (who used to go to our church back at home), and enjoyed that time of fellowship. After a while, we went to our first club where we had three children, all siblings and the children of the hostess. We had fun with them and still did a club as we would were we to have 20 children. We then went to Steve's parents' home for lunch and got reorganized to then head to the park for our second club at 2pm. Sadly, no children showed up, but we still had a blessed time getting to know the club hostess, and some dear time praying for the other summer missionaries and that children will come to the club tomorrow! We then came back to the host home we are staying at and enjoyed a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, salad and corn on the cob! Joy and I then worked on getting organized for tomorrow. Still on the list to do tonight is study a bit, spend some time with God, and then head to bed- I am exhausted! Thank you all so much who were praying. Without your prayers, today would not have been possible!

first week of CEF

Today is the day! My alarm went off this morning at 5:45 to get ready. We have to be two hours away by nine o'clock which has us leaving around 7. All I really know about this week is that we have two clubs, one at 10:30 in the morning, and one sometime in the afternoon. I will be working with Joy this week, and I am looking forward to ministry with her. She is a beautiful young woman inwardly and outwardly and I am privileged to work alongside her this week.

Please pray for us this week, and we are both 'newbies' to this ministry. Please pray that the week is God honoring and that we are able to be vessels for His use in the lives of the children and our host homes. I am not sure if I will have internet access while away, but please feel free to email me at to let me know how I can be praying for you.