Saturday, July 10, 2010

summary of the first week

Praise the Lord for what He did this past week in the Burlington area. I still am in awe that God would give me such an awesome responsibility in sharing the gospel with children. I couldn't really have asked for anything more in a summer job (other then maybe having it be longer), because I am getting to be around children, getting to teach, and getting to share the gospel...all at once!

This past week we were in the Burlington area doing two clubs. We stayed with a family that used to live in the Rutland area and went to our church and she taught at the Christian school. I enjoyed catching up with them. They were so hospitable and opened up both their home, and their hearts to both Joy and I. They made us feel like part of the family, and it was so good to have a place to call home base and to relax after a hot day.

Our first club was at 10:30 in a home. The family had three wonderful children, and we so enjoyed getting to know them. On Friday, Joy and I had the privilege of sitting down with them before club and sharing our individual testimonies and then getting to hear theirs. Excited to hear what God is doing in their lives, and praying that God continue to do a mighty work in their young lives. The largest number of children we had was on Thursday when we had nine. After club on Wednesday, we got to go outside and play with them. I played with the three-year-old, while Joy surprised them all with her amazing wiffle ball skills!

The second club was a different story attendance wise. We didn't have anyone besides our team until Wednesday. Having new people on Thursday added a lot of enthusiasm and excitement, especially with the review game. Some may consider it to be discouraging that we didn't really have anyone new until Thursday, but I enjoyed the time of prayer and conversation we were able to have with our hostess on those days. Friday afternoon, we had the hostesses grandchildren, and quickly adapted our club to the preschoolers. Again, the Lord was so good!

There were no decisions (salvation or dedication) made this week, but the gospel was shared, and the saved were challenged, so it is in the Lord's hands! Something else that was neat was our first home was under some renovations, and there were construction workers around all week. They heard the songs we were singing, and understood that it was a Bible club that was going on. We don't know, but the Lord could use the clubs and what they heard to work in their lives too!

Overall, the week went so well, and I am so thankful for the time I had with Joy. She just graduated high school this year, and is also new to CEF, so we got to learn together. She is a godly young lady that as soon as you meet her, her inner beauty radiates out. It truly was a joy getting to work with her, and minister alongside her.

Thank you all for your prayers as I went through my first week of CEF clubs. I leave tomorrow afternoon for my next week of clubs, and am excited to see what the Lord does. I do not plan on having internet access next week, so more then likely, you won't hear until Friday evening, unless you give me a call. May God bless you, and use you this week in the furtherance of His kingdom!

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