Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas already?

Let me share one way in which God has met the desires of our hearts in a small, yet so big at the same time, way.

The mister and I have been looking at nativities this year to add to our Christmas decorations.  We did not have one last year, and really wanted to help our focus be on using this season as an opportunity to worship our God in an extra way.  We had looked several different places, and had not yet found one that was *perfect* for our home and family.

On Tuesday, I mentioned to the mister that I wanted to research advent more, and possibly make that one of our Christmas traditions. I have been trying to find ways to add decorations and traditions to our home that are spiritually focused.  It was a quick and passing comment, and the day carried on.

We had some dear friends over for dinner on Tuesday.  While we are in rather different phases of life, we enjoy sweet fellowship with them, and they are quick to share wisdom and advice.

Before they left, she handed me a bag, and apologized that it "wasn't anything much, but just something small to express their appreciation" for our having them over for dinner. I am amazed with how, while very unnecessary, what a sweet gesture this is.  I have a goal to be more like this. I opened the bag, and what was the gift, you may ask... advent candle holder, that is also a nativity.

{excuse my lack of photography skills, and the fact that I have not yet picked up candles for it, so it has our poinsettias}

I wanted to cry when I opened this gift.  The Lord cares even for the small details of our wanting to get a nativity this year.  I love how this is a different nativity and not the traditional.  I enjoyed explaining to our friends that this was not "nothing much", but was instead huge, and an answer to prayer.

We are currently working on sending out our Christmas card.  Here a recent update on how we are, and our exciting goal for 2016!  

December 2014- Christmas.pdf

What are your Christmas traditions?  Do you send out a Christmas letter?