Saturday, November 24, 2012

the end of break

I am sad to write that my break is just about over...I have less then 24 hours left.  Tomorrow I hit the road bright and early for a long day on the road...ugh.  My break has been swamped with everything, yet productive (not in all of the areas I would like for it to be productive though).  But because it has not been as productive as I have needed it to be, I am off to do some homework before grandparent visiting later on.  Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the beginning of break

Daniel, JD, and I safely made it home about 5:30 on Saturday morning.  It had been a long night of driving/riding.  The only driving I did was from ABC to the airport to pick up Daniel.  He did all the driving.  I am thankful for how nicely it works out that I am not a huge fan of driving, and usually Daniel actually prefers driving.  I see some fun trips in our future.

Daniel was able to stay for a few days, which was wonderful.  I find myself learning more and more each time how very much I enjoy spending time with him, I think that is a good thing since we are getting married! Sunday after church we celebrated my Grandpa's birthday and had our whole family over, plus grandparents, and one of my uncles.  Such a wonderful time it was together.

On Monday, Daniel and I were swamped with running from place to place visiting people and running different errands.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.  Daniel left with Tim and Beth though, so I drove him to their home and spent a few extra minutes with that precious niece and nephew of ours.  They have grown so much since I last saw them, and I hate how much of their lives I miss.

Tuesday, my sister, Mom, and I had a fun girls day together shopping.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch together, and laughed SO much.  Thankfully, the shopping trip was a success!

Today has involved much cleaning and baking.  Mom has made two strawberry rhubarb pies, and I have made some homemade cranberry sauce.  We expect between 20-25 to be here tomorrow.  It should be a wonderful celebration here.

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

almost there

Break is roughly fifteen hours away...but whose counting.  I find myself exhausted and yet refreshed at the same time.  This semester has been wearing me out and I am tired from that--physically, mentally, and emotionally.  At the same time though, I am refreshed because I look back on the semester and while it seems like I just started yesterday I see all that has been accomplished and learned.  There is one thing I have learned in college, and that is that I love to learn.  Learning is such an awesome privilege.

I have classes tomorrow morning, chapel, lunch and then I pack the car.  I hope to leave campus around 1 pm.  I will then go and pick Daniel up at the airport.  I am so thankful to him in his sacrifice of his weekend to help me drive and come to Vermont with me.  He is coming off of working a week of third shift out of town.  Proud of my man.  We drive for a few hours and then pick up a friend who goes to Liberty University but is riding a little north with her roommate.  After picking her up, we will have a few hours in the car before we pick up my sister's boyfriend.  We are finally on our last stretch of the trip.  We are hoping to be home around 4:30 am.

I am ready to be home with my sweet family.  I miss my family.  I miss laughs with my sister, and letting go and letting wild.  I miss conversations with my mom and time with her in the kitchen.  I miss welcoming my Dad home from work and hearing about his day.  I miss surprising him with some spectacular dinner waiting for him.  I miss Scott and how he picks on me in love, and can turn around and be a huge encouragement and challenge to me.  I miss Tim and his dear family.  Evan is growing up quickly and smiling.  I feel like I have missed so much of his life.  Annette is apparently putting her words together in more sentences.  I miss hearing "Bebby!!!".  I am ready to be home with my family, with my future family with me.  What a special few days that will be.  I am truly thankful for the family I have.

Tonight, I am sharing the devotional here on the wing.  I am excited at this opportunity and how the Lord so clearly laid on my heart exactly what He wanted me to share.  I am going to pull out my el ed hat tricks and read them a children's book, and then have them do art work and writing on a paint chip.  We are going to talk about the characteristic we want people to see when they see us.  Please be praying that I be invisible, but instead that it be Christ showing through me.

grace and peace to you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

website #2...check!

I have completed my second website tonight.  This one is for my Teaching Social Studies class, where we create a website about West Virginia.  Here is the link...enjoy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

class website

I am still surviving and accomplishing lots.  I thank you for the prayers you may have said on my behalf this week after my plea for prayer earlier this week.  I have completed several big projects, and still have several ones to do.  One of my projects was in making a class website.  Obviously it is not all ready right now because I am without a class, but when I am student teaching, this website will be used.  Click here to view my class website!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wonderful weekend leading into a hectic few weeks

I just finished a wonderful weekend with Daniel.  It was good to be with him.  He is such a blessing to me, and is so good at knowing just how to help me cope with the stress of this semester.  It has been extra special because here at school, we are having Mission's Conference.  Since we so clearly feel the call of overseas missions on our life, it was wonderful to sit through some of the sessions together and work through that together as a soon to be married couple.  Sadly though, he is on his way back to Charlotte now.

I am beginning to feel the reality of this semester being a trial-by-fire.  I thought the two hardest weeks were behind me, but I have been sorely mistaken.  I have some HUGE projects due before Thanksgiving break (a week and a half away) and a bunch due after (so much for break time being restful).  Prayers are very much needed and appreciated at this time.

I am thankful though for the support I have from so many who love and care for me.  I covet your prayers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

books, books, and more books!

2820 pages later and I have finished my Elementary Literacy and Literature project.  I am sure people have heard my sigh of relief across the nation.  I enjoyed this project immensely, but it was extremely time consuming and a bit heart breaking at times!  I use the term heart braking because it is saddening to see the books that are considered "children's books" these days.  My mid 20-year-old friend read one of the Newbery books (the top children's book for its writing, one awarded each year) and it literally gave her nightmares, and she has some friends whose children had to read that book for elementary school.  The demonic theme that permeates so many of the books is sickening.  This has opened my eyes though as a future teacher and future mom to make sure I am reading the books before my children do.  I am not saying to keep any and all books with any negative element away from them, but to be aware so that I can discuss it with my student/child and teach them how to be wise in what they read.  Each and every day this semester I am learning just what a huge responsibility it is to be a teacher.  I appreciate any and all prayers!

I do not write this though to harp on all of the bad books out there.  There were more good books that I read through this project, then bad ones.  So keep reading, and keep encouraging your students to read.  Reading has so many benefits!  This project has increased my book want list exponentially.  My list is ever growing.

I hope some day when I am homeschooling my children, that I have people in the current educational world sharing hints and new things with me, so I want to take a few minutes to tell you teachers and moms out there a few books I found through this project that I would suggest.  So here it goes...

by: Philip Stead
This book won the Caldecott Award (for illustrations) and is a fun story on friendship

by: Norton Juster
This book brings me back to my Grandparents' houses and how it felt magical to be in their home.

by: David Wiesner
This is a wordless book that goes through the life of a camera that people would take a picture with and throw back in the sea for a new person to find.

by: Julie Danneberg
This may be my all time favorite book from this experience.  Sarah is all nervous about her first day at a new school, and as she introduces herself to the class, the reader is surprised to learn that she is in fact the teacher, not a student.

by: Jerry Pinkney
This book is a sweet book on friendship where they help each other as an act of kindness.

by: Mary Pope Osborne
For the older (5th-6th grade) students, this is a good book on mythology that doesn't get in the tedious depth that most do.  It has a little bit of gore in one part.

by: N.T. Raymond
What I liked about this book was that it allows children to enjoy Spider Man but this book is abbreviated from the movie eliminating most of the evil aspects and emphasizing how when he was bad, he didn't like it and had to give up power and strength to be good again but knew it was the right decision.

by: Valerie Tripp
This book provides history of the Great Depression while following the desire Ruthie has to help out her friend Kit in saving their home from being evicted.

by: Jennifer Berne
The story of Jacques Cousteau and his desire to explore the underwater world, leading him to the invention of scuba diving.

by: Cynthia Rylant
A sweet story of the adjustment of growing up and having to leave your precious doll friend at home while you go to school.

by: Linda Sue Park
Great book for the older elementary children.  It is about a homeless boy and the lessons he learns while working for a master potter.

Anyways, there are a few suggestions for now.  I hope this helps you or gives you a start if you are headed to the library, or wanting to build a library of your own.  Remember to know what your children are reading, and make it fun for them.  We want to build a love for reading among our children (and I as a teacher am still working on that for myself).

My homework is complete, and I am now ready for a fun packed weekend with my fiance and his parents and grandparents.  I hope you all have a restful weekend!