Thursday, November 1, 2012

books, books, and more books!

2820 pages later and I have finished my Elementary Literacy and Literature project.  I am sure people have heard my sigh of relief across the nation.  I enjoyed this project immensely, but it was extremely time consuming and a bit heart breaking at times!  I use the term heart braking because it is saddening to see the books that are considered "children's books" these days.  My mid 20-year-old friend read one of the Newbery books (the top children's book for its writing, one awarded each year) and it literally gave her nightmares, and she has some friends whose children had to read that book for elementary school.  The demonic theme that permeates so many of the books is sickening.  This has opened my eyes though as a future teacher and future mom to make sure I am reading the books before my children do.  I am not saying to keep any and all books with any negative element away from them, but to be aware so that I can discuss it with my student/child and teach them how to be wise in what they read.  Each and every day this semester I am learning just what a huge responsibility it is to be a teacher.  I appreciate any and all prayers!

I do not write this though to harp on all of the bad books out there.  There were more good books that I read through this project, then bad ones.  So keep reading, and keep encouraging your students to read.  Reading has so many benefits!  This project has increased my book want list exponentially.  My list is ever growing.

I hope some day when I am homeschooling my children, that I have people in the current educational world sharing hints and new things with me, so I want to take a few minutes to tell you teachers and moms out there a few books I found through this project that I would suggest.  So here it goes...

by: Philip Stead
This book won the Caldecott Award (for illustrations) and is a fun story on friendship

by: Norton Juster
This book brings me back to my Grandparents' houses and how it felt magical to be in their home.

by: David Wiesner
This is a wordless book that goes through the life of a camera that people would take a picture with and throw back in the sea for a new person to find.

by: Julie Danneberg
This may be my all time favorite book from this experience.  Sarah is all nervous about her first day at a new school, and as she introduces herself to the class, the reader is surprised to learn that she is in fact the teacher, not a student.

by: Jerry Pinkney
This book is a sweet book on friendship where they help each other as an act of kindness.

by: Mary Pope Osborne
For the older (5th-6th grade) students, this is a good book on mythology that doesn't get in the tedious depth that most do.  It has a little bit of gore in one part.

by: N.T. Raymond
What I liked about this book was that it allows children to enjoy Spider Man but this book is abbreviated from the movie eliminating most of the evil aspects and emphasizing how when he was bad, he didn't like it and had to give up power and strength to be good again but knew it was the right decision.

by: Valerie Tripp
This book provides history of the Great Depression while following the desire Ruthie has to help out her friend Kit in saving their home from being evicted.

by: Jennifer Berne
The story of Jacques Cousteau and his desire to explore the underwater world, leading him to the invention of scuba diving.

by: Cynthia Rylant
A sweet story of the adjustment of growing up and having to leave your precious doll friend at home while you go to school.

by: Linda Sue Park
Great book for the older elementary children.  It is about a homeless boy and the lessons he learns while working for a master potter.

Anyways, there are a few suggestions for now.  I hope this helps you or gives you a start if you are headed to the library, or wanting to build a library of your own.  Remember to know what your children are reading, and make it fun for them.  We want to build a love for reading among our children (and I as a teacher am still working on that for myself).

My homework is complete, and I am now ready for a fun packed weekend with my fiance and his parents and grandparents.  I hope you all have a restful weekend!

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