Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wonderful weekend leading into a hectic few weeks

I just finished a wonderful weekend with Daniel.  It was good to be with him.  He is such a blessing to me, and is so good at knowing just how to help me cope with the stress of this semester.  It has been extra special because here at school, we are having Mission's Conference.  Since we so clearly feel the call of overseas missions on our life, it was wonderful to sit through some of the sessions together and work through that together as a soon to be married couple.  Sadly though, he is on his way back to Charlotte now.

I am beginning to feel the reality of this semester being a trial-by-fire.  I thought the two hardest weeks were behind me, but I have been sorely mistaken.  I have some HUGE projects due before Thanksgiving break (a week and a half away) and a bunch due after (so much for break time being restful).  Prayers are very much needed and appreciated at this time.

I am thankful though for the support I have from so many who love and care for me.  I covet your prayers.

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