Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Summer Classroom

I have had my first week of summer preschool.  It proved to be a little more choppy then anticipated.  I believe that was largely because of two reasons....(1) everyone is getting into a new schedule, it is expected, and (2) we had a lot of new subs this week, and not all of our regular workers.

We just finished up our space week, "Blast Off!", and are anticipating a week under water, "Sea of Fun".  Here are a few pictures of my classroom.

Monday, May 19, 2014

May already

April has come and gone and we are already over halfway through May.  I took a much needed break from blogging.  Between comments made referring to my blog, and other life happenings, I decided to take a month off.  A few adjustments will be made to this blog.  The biggest one being that I will not be posting as often.

This blog will be transitioning from my happy wife and teacher adventures, to the adventures that the Mister and I share as a family.  It is our long term goal to make it to the missions field, and this will be used as a pre-field newsletter site.

Before we go to the mission field we want to be gaining a backbone of prayer warriors.  Our need for prayer starts now, before we ever set foot on foreign soil.  We are just regular people in desperate need of prayer.  So we ask that you pray with us as we prepare for what the Lord has in store for us.

Keep reading for a few specific requests....

Daniel and I just celebrated our one year anniversary.  If I were to give a newlywed one piece of "advice", I would say "Marriage is way better then most people make it out to be, and at the same time it is way harder."  We have had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say I am thankful to share both the ups and downs with my best friend.

 Reenacting our rehearsal dinner of baked potatoes for our one-year anniversary while watching our wedding.
 Unlike most other couples, our anniversary cake tasted so good.  My mom did such a good job preserving it in the freezer.
 Dessert and sparkling cider while looking through our wedding album.
While on our honeymoon, we got Chinese take-out.  We decided to continue to anniversary celebrations with getting take-out again...only one year later.

We celebrated our one year anniversary a few weeks early by taking advantage of having the same days off and going to Washington, DC.  We got to see a lot, yet still left feeling like there was so much we had not been able to see.  To my surprise, the Air and Space Museum was my favorite stop.  Our shorter day of the two, we figure we walked 7-8 miles.  Our feet were so tired.  The days together were so wonderful.

Our most recent "big news" is that we very seriously considered moving to Alaska last month.  Let me tell you, that was not an easy decision.  Naturally, we both loved the idea of the "outdoorsy" aspect of the beautiful state, the fact that Daniel would be working on more similar planes to the ones he would work on the mission field, and a significant pay raise (for both of us!).  We were torn though with leaving the east coast where the majority of our family lives (not to mention a sister who is 15 minutes from us), losing flight benefits, and the hassle of relocating.  A lot went into the decision, and we decided to stay put for now.

My (Rebekah) parents came to visit two weeks ago and we had a blast with them.  They had not seen most of our wedding gifts, and not to mention....our home.  It was fun to show them around our city and have them for a visit.  We hated to see them leave.
 As a wedding gift, my Dad made us the bed frame, and my mom made us the quilt.  They brought them down when they came!
 Mom and I had a fun ladies day out!
 My mom makes the best cinnamon rolls.  She gave me her recipe, and taught me how to make them.  So yummy....
 On Wednesday morning, we went to the new stadium to watch a baseball game.  While we all ended up getting sun burnt, we had a blast!

As the school years draws to an end, I am excited for the summer...not for a break from school, but rather to start teaching.  I accepted the position of lead preschool teacher for our summer preschool ministry back in January, and have been planning for months.  I am eager to get started and put my plans to action.  This has been a fun change for me because in times past I have either (a) had to plan something very fast, or (b) plan a lesson for pretend students.  I have had the opportunity to pour my heart into these lesson plans, and will actually get to teach them to real children.

We don't have any large summer plans made yet, but plan to take advantage of flight benefits to take a few short trips.  We hope to visit friends and family from all over the country.

I think this about sums up our life right now. As promised, a few specific prayer requests:

  • Wisdom concerning both of our job situations.
  • That we would stay true to His word, and grown spiritually.
  • The Lord would grow our relationship with each other!