Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Annette Grace

I know I have already posted twice this morning, but my sister-in-law just sent me an email with new pictures, and permission to post, and so I just couldn't resist.  Besides I have the aunt's prerogative to brag her up as much as I want- right?  You can't look at this face, and tell me she isn't the cutest little girl you have ever seen.

Annette Grace at almost six months wearing her Daddy's Alaska hat.

Happy Mother's and Father's Day (combined)!

My parents enjoying their new gift on the front porch Memorial Day.

WRS Prom 2011

I stole a few pictures of from my mom to show off my sister from Prom a few weeks back.  She was breathtakingly beautiful (as always).

Monday, May 30, 2011


This coming fall, as RA, I will be responsible for our hallway bulletin board.  The first one is usually an introduction to who you are.  I will be introducing myself, but so much of who I am is my family, and so I will have pictures of my family, with these captions below the different pictures.  So, without further ado....


My Dad…
My Dad is a self-employed contractor.  He stays busy with work, but enjoys coming home to relax on our front porch.  He and I enjoy our special father-daughter times together, and he often spoils me with the best apple cider around.

My Mom…
Mom and I both share a love for children.  She has been a childbirth educator for twenty-four years, teaches piano lesson, does book keeping, and keeps up our home.  She enjoys quilting, skyping with her granddaughter, and scrapbooking.

My brother, Scott…
When Scott and I get together, you can be guaranteed a good laugh.  He and I have much in common, including we both went to ABC.  Scott is a youth leader, school bus driver, works at a butcher shop between his morning and afternoon run, fills pulpit, and gardens.

My brother, Tim…
Tim lives outside of Huntsville, AL with his wife, Beth, and daughter Annette.  He works as an engineer in a small office dealing with helicopters.  Beth is a stay at home mom who stays busy cleaning home, changing diapers, and gardening.  Annette is as cute as they come, and has added a new light to our family.

My sister, Sarah…
Sarah and I are four years apart and as we both get older, we grow closer together.  She just got her driver’s license and is a junior at the same high school I graduated from.  She is an avid reader, and enjoys hanging out with friends, making cards, and swimming.

Hershey is a lab-beagle mix and is all cuteness, and no brain.  She gets herself into trouble, but her puppy eyes are sure to win you over.

My Grandparents…
I am so blessed to have all four grandparents within two miles of home.  All four are godly romodels and have given me a great example of marriage.  I have grown to appreciate them so much, and am thankful for who they are in my life.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Box of Kisses

The class I worked with, was actively involved with putting together these "Box[es] of Kisses".  Several family members of the staff, and students at Clarendon Elementary School were overseas serving our country.  The school decided to hand decorate these boxes to which they put the chocolates inside, and then shipped overseas to the men and women.  I encourage you to check out their website www.boxofkisses.org.  I am proud to have been able to work with these dear children, and proud of them for doing this project.

The song was written by the 2nd grade teacher's close friend, and sung by the choir at CES.

eventful past few days

Thursday was my last day of observations for this summer.  It had mixed emotions.  I was thankful to in a sense have time back to myself, but since being there, I have grown to love those kids, and the teacher.  The teacher was a huge boost to my self esteem and continually reminded me that I really am cut out to be an elementary teacher.  Thursday, she had me doing a lot with the students, and I kept busy all three hours!  One of the little boys came over to me *all smiles*, "Miss Hewitt, today is my birthday, would you like one of my cupcakes".  He and his mom had made the  most adorable frog cupcakes, that were very tasty.

After picking Sarah up from school, we stopped at my grandparents, where we were able to talk to Mr. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson is the executive director of Trail's End Ranch, and it was good to meet him.  Grandma told him that she had told me any time I was homesick that his wife would be more then willing to give me a hug.  He quickly agreed and told me he would make sure to give me a whack each week, whether I deserved it or not.  Their sense of humor is fun!  Looking forward to a summer with them.

Yesterday brought lots of things.  It has recently hit me that by this Wednesday, I must be completely packed for camp and college!  I can go to Wal-Mart for the little necessities when I get down there, but for camp, I don't have that same luxury.  When I get to camp, someone associated with the camp will pick me up at the airport and once at camp, I am two hours away from a Wal-Mart (so thankful that the camp provides laundry detergent).  With this thought in the forefront of my mind, mom and I needed to go shopping, and soon!  We gathered all of our coupons, and made a long shopping list!

The day had to start early though because my sister had an exciting appointment (at 7:45am) at the DMV, *insert drum roll* to get her license!  I got my license renewed while there, and we were out of the DMV within 15 minutes, how often does that happen?  Mom and I brought Sarah to school, and then much to our dismay, K-Mart was the only store open at that hour.  Mom and I shopped there until the rest of the mall opened at 10am.  Mom and I went through many stores, doing a bit of needed shopping.  We found several awesome deals, and it was indeed a productive time.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a shopper.  I complained a little in K-Mart (because who wants to be in K-Mart longer then 15 minutes?), but other then that I was a very good little girl.  I was thankful though for the time Mom and I had together, all day!  We had some fun laughs, and many good conversations.  We covered the small town of Rutland.

At 2, we had to be back to the Christian School because Mom was playing for their Memorial Day service.  It was fun watching the little ones on stage singing to the Patriotic Songs.  Kylie was there to watch her sister play the hand chimes, so it was good to catch up with her a little bit.

Later on in the evening, we called my grandparents to ask if they needed help getting to bed.  Good thing we called, because Grandpa has just fallen.  Mom and I rushed down, helped him get up, and Mom put him to bed while I cleaned the house a little.  We got home from that, were home for not even five minutes when we got the call that Mom needed to take Sarah to the ER.  Sarah had been playing Rumble Ball when Sarah was tackled (part of the game), and her knee found the sharp rock in the grass.  She gouged the front of her knee, and got five stitches, and a brace.  The brace only has to be on for a few days to keep her from bending her knee, to allow the stitches to 'set'.  She was in and out of the ER within 2 hours--now that's impressive!

This morning has been slow, and the entire family has been thankful for that.  It has been a busy past few days.  We are enjoying the sunny weather, and time together.  I hope you all have a blessed long weekend with family and friends, and remember those who serve our country!

Friday, May 20, 2011


I enjoyed reading two of my friends' blogs this afternoon.  Ironic as it may be, we are all Rebekahs, but mine is spelled correctly (and Biblically).  Becca H (or as I commonly call 'Beek') is studying to be a nurse and I love hearing her tell me her old people stories.  I admire her passion for the elderly and how very much she loves her job.  How many 20 yr olds would enjoy bathing, feeding, and dressing old people.  Not many, but I praise God that she enjoys it, because that relieves me from having to do it instead.  Becca B (who I also commonly refer to as 'Beek', I know, how confusing can we make it?) is like minded with me in that she is also studying to be el ed.  Currently she is taking a summer class called "Mayterm", where she is 'studying' inner city schools.  It hasn't been the most pleasant of all experiences, but I admire her positive attitude.  I loved reading their blogs this afternoon, and catching up on their stories of what has been going on.  Beek H is always armed with some of the best old people stories, and Beek B has an honesty about children that I love!  Taking a few minutes to read their blogs would be well worth your time!

I must share some of my stories now though!  The past two days I have been observing at the same school I observed over spring break.  I am thankful that this time around has been a much more pleasant experience though.  Yesterday, I observed in the 2nd grade classroom.  As soon as I got in there, one of the girls plowed into me with a giant hug.  She had no idea who I was, but still showed me love.  I was able to help several students read, and had some good conversations with the teacher.  One little girl was ecstatic when she heard I went to school in WV, she perked up and exclaimed "my Grandma lives in WV!"  Later on, I was able to help one student understand a math problem.  I so enjoyed that one-on-one with a student and math.  The teacher was so encouraging and assured me several times "you've got what it takes to be a teacher".  I am thankful my love for children and teaching is back!

One of the students was telling me how the wipes to clean their desks made her hands smell like rotten socks.  I laughed and told "they do not".  I went on with my business, and while talking to another student, she ran over and waited for me to finish.  Giggling, she stuck her hand in my face and said "see!!!"  I don't think I would describe them as rotten socks, but her hands sure did stink!

Today, I was across the hall in the 1st grade classroom.  Again, what a joy!  I came in and one girl repeatedly poked her teacher asking "who is she? who is she?"  When her teacher ignored her interrupting, she came over to me and said "Ma'am, where are you from?"  I couldn't help but chuckle.  I helped several students with reading throughout the morning, and had a blast.  I just love them all, and I barely even know them.

In these past few days, I have seen more then in my entire college career observations.  One of the classes had a hearing impaired student causing the teacher to wear a microphone.  A pretty cool gadget that I am thankful helps this student!  I also watched a student give a rude "gesture" to a teacher, and how the secular world handles discipline.  It opened my eyes to how different the discipline is between the Christian and secular world.  My discipline has always been in a Christian setting where I can ask the students "what does the Bible say about this?" or "what does God think of your actions?"  Today I watched a first grader throw a full out temper tantrum because the girl doing weather said it was cloudy instead of sunny.  I have learned so much and am so thankful for this experience!

I have been challenged through these days with the children of why God tells us to have a child-like faith.  These children barely knew me, but they looked up to me, and didn't hesitate to ask me any question at all.  They have yet to be corrupted with political correctness, and other society issues.  Something else I have noticed is the honesty of them.  If a teacher is wondering who stole something off of her desk or whatnot, the entire class quickly tells.  This may be looked as tattling (and basically is), but what I see is 100% honesty.  They don't worry about what that friend will say, but honesty is their priority.  Once you get in the upper grades, a similar situation you would find all the students silenced, because they don't want their friend to be upset with them.  I have also noticed how very quickly a young child gets over hurt feelings, or anger.  One minute the child is mad at you because you said 'no', and the next minute you are their best friend.  What are we adults thinking when we hold grudges for the longest time?  Several lessons can be taken from children, and I am thankful for this reminder through my time with the children.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am excited that I have tickets to see this adorable face!  Lord willing, I will be with her and her parents August 15th!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

summer happenings

What have I been doing instead of blogging?

Cleaning, Organizing, Filing, and Throwing Away!

I have so enjoyed my time at home thus far.  I shared with a few people how I had such high hopes for my three weeks at home, and wasn't overly confident that I would find a happy balance of getting everything done.  I had several things I wanted to do, some including: rest, go through school papers, reorganize my filing cabinet, sleep, cook, spend time with grandparents, clean out my closet, help mom around the house, spend time with family, relax, etc.  Those were just some of the selfish things I wanted to do.  I also had responsibilities of getting public school observation hours in.  I feared I would not find a happy medium of relaxing and doing personal things, while also accomplishing things both at home and out and about.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am a home body through and through, so the things at home weren't as much a concern as the things out and about.  But being at home, I was afraid I would either be too lazy and not get much accomplished, or I would put too much emphasis on the relaxing and sleeping, and not get anything productive done.

I am pleased to say that so far, I have had a very productive and restful summer break.  I went through so many papers and files, and threw away about a 2ft tall stack of papers--what a great feeling.  Mom keeps saying "are you positive there isn't a piece of paper in there you might want later on?"  The answer to her question is "there probably is".  But the way I look at it is, if I haven't looked at it for years, why can't I get past the feel of need for it once or twice?  I have gone through years worth of receipts, only to find that I am such a paper pack rat.  Why in the world would I keep a receipt for a pack of gum?  As if I thought, "hmm, just in case I need to return it some day".  Wow, Becky!  I have cleaned out my closet, and found many clothes to donate, some to throw away, and some I had totally forgotten I owned.  I have had many memory flashbacks too which have been so wonderful.  

This productivity has not been at the expense of my rest either.  I have been getting a fair bit of sleep, and in the evenings, have sat with my family and relaxed.  I have already been able to spend time with my grandparents, and some friends.  I have had fun cooking at my leisure.  I look forward to my dinner date with grandpa and grandma where I cook and bring dinner!

Today has not been an exception for productivity.  I decided this morning to wake up semi early for summer break and get right to work.  I have cleaned the bathroom, done some laundry, vacuumed the house, cleaned out the refrigerator, cleaned the kitchen, washed dishes, RA preparation, paper filing/organizing, and the banana bread just came out of the oven.  Aah, what a feeling of satisfaction.  Dinner is planned, and now I am waiting for my family to get home from their various activities of the day.  I am grateful to the Lord that He has given me such a love for the home and my family.

This morning, I began my summer Bible study on love.  I hope to meditate daily on a passage from 1 Corinthians 13.  I have two specific ministries in my near future involving daily interaction with people, and have recently been convicted that I don't love people as I should.  With being a camp counselor this summer, and an RA next school year, I need to learn to love people as Christ.  1 Peter 4:8 is one of the reasons I have been convicted and prompted to do this study, "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins."  Love is the key!  If you have any verses or insight for me on this topic, please share--I have a lot of learning to do.

A quick update on my trip this summer...Plane tickets have been purchased.  I will fly out June 1st for the summer, and fly directly to Nashville (Tim and Beth) August 15th.  I would love to go home at the end of the summer, but it just isn't practical to fly home, then drive to Alabama only to drive back up to school.  I prefer to be healthy when I get to school.  Please be in prayer for me as I prepare for this ministry, and that the Lord be working in the lives of all those involved!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

To see the video that was posted here, check out http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=FBM0B1NU.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Above All

This girl is super cute, but the words to the song are as true as ever.

To see the original video that was posted here, check out http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=DPDWLLNX.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

movie night

Well, tonight is movie night.  Normally, we as ABC students are not allowed to watch movies, but in the Servant Center and in plain view.  Of course those movies have to be approved.  Well, something they started this year is that once in a blue moon they give special permission for us to watch movies in the dorms as a reward.  We got to do it earlier this semester as a reward for moving the new furniture into the girl's dorm.  It was actually open dorms too, which means persons of the male gender were allowed in the women's dorm and persons of the female gender were allowed in the men's dorm (doors wide open of course).  Well tonight is a movie night again, but this time not open dorms.  I had not heard about it, but my friendly neighbor asked if I knew, and if I wanted to watch a movie in her room with her.  It is Love's Long Journey and so of course, I accepted.  The majority of my packing is done, and so I didn't have to work on that.  She still has a bit of packing, so she is going to pack and watch.  I am sitting on her bed just vegged out.  I was telling Daniel the other day how much I miss being able to watch movies here at school (because I rarely feel like trucking across the parking lot to sit in a classroom and watch a movie).  Sitting down and watching something is one of the most relaxing things for me.  I know I should enjoy reading a book more, but that's not how I am.  So with exams and academics behind me, and summer break starting, I am so super excited.

Ashley is also in el ed and I have loved having her across the hall.  We use each other's school supplies and ask for el ed help and ideas often.  She has a quiet and sweet spirit I greatly admire.  I will miss living across the hall from her next year.

I can barely believe I am halfway through my college career.  This semester especially has been an absolute whirlwind.  I don't know where it went.  I was so incredibly busy and hectic just about from the first day to the last day of classes.  It has been an absolutely amazing journey the Lord has taken me through.  I have had to learn a lesson time and time again that it is not my own strength that gets me through each day, but the Lord's strength.  I have learned the reality of the verse "when I am weak, He is strong."  I have been in the schools a bit more this semester, which has been wonderful.  I am here for children, and being able to 'get my hands dirty' with the children has been very rewarding.

I have remained very active in my church here and loved every minute of it.  Yes, there have been those exhausting moments, but even those exhausting moments are good.  It is those moments that make me appreciate the rewarding moments all the more.  I did not teach tonight which was actually so relaxing.  I enjoyed being able to not study to teach and just go and enjoy the kids.  Those kids each mean so very much to me, and when I told them it was my last week, I got several poochy lips.  They know how to make Miss Rebekah feel special.  One of the little boys tonight told me he wanted to go to Heaven so he could say "hi" to Jesus.  How cute is that?  I am going to miss my kiddos over the summer, and will be very eager to see them again this coming fall.

My parents plan on leaving Friday after school on Friday and will stop in Lancaster for the night.  They will go to a special restaurant for breakfast, and then hit the road West Virginia bound!  Commencement here is required, so I will be here for that, and then have RA duties to help check people out of their rooms.  My parents should get here sometime in the afternoon.  I hope to go over to the gorge with them and have a picnic dinner (praying for beautiful WV weather).  I will then be able to bring them to church here to meet my dear church family which I will miss immensely over the summer.  Monday morning, the four of us will hit the road, hopefully arriving in VT Monday evening!

Before I close this blog, I would like to give a shout out to my sister.  Sarah turns 16 today.  She has matured into a beautiful young woman of God.  She has been at public school this year, and I have been proud of the testimony she has had for the Lord.  She is drop dead gorgeous, and continuing to work on her inner beauty.  Proud to call her my sister, and excited to see how the Lord uses her life for His glory!


Finals are all done, and I am now officially a

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, I've got this wonderful feeling.... My grandpa always used to sign this to me and it has stuck with me and comes to mind many mornings.  I think he got it from the musical "Oklahoma".

I was able to sleep in this morning, and enjoy the sunshine coming in through my window.  I got up, had a delightful time with the Lord in His Word, and then started some more packing.  It has been a leisure morning, which has been so nice.  I then decided to get online and register for the PRAXIS account online so when my writing scores came in, I could check them immediately.  Much to my surprise the scores were already in!  Praise the Lord, I passed all three tests: reading, writing, and math!  All praise goes to the Lord.  I am so thankful I passed all three and don't have to worry about that.  I then got ready for my day, and what a gorgeous day it is outside today.  It is 76* with an amazing breeze.  I am thankful to the Lord for the blessings He puts in my day to keep my going one day at a time.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

work day and exam schedule

On Friday, it was all campus work day.  Everyone (including faculty and staff) is given a work assignment.  We meet in the cafeteria at 8:30 for some general announcements and then break to our separate stations and work until 3 pm.  Since I work in the snackshop and bookstore, I was put in the bookstore for cleaning.  We rearranged all books--moving spring books to the storage room and bringing fall books out.  We also changed the set up in that past years it was set up in four sections: freshman books, sophomore books, junior books, and then senior books.  We changed it so that now it in alphabetical order of the class code/number.  I think that is going to be a HUGE plus.  Here are a few pictures from the day....

 Melissa with two of Lauren's (our boss) three children: Luke and Hannah.  Hannah didn't stay with us long because she had to go to her babysitter's house, but was a big help while she was there.

 Hannah sporting an ABC hat.

 Cleaning off all of the old books to rearrange the set up.

 Andrea was sorting through the labels and making sure we had the proper ones.

 Then we refolded a lot of the t-shirts.

At the end of the day, Andrea vacuumed the entire store.  Notice how nicely organized the books are.

Monday at 10am: Earth Science
Monday at 1pm: New Testament Survey
Wednesday at 10am: Philosophy of church Music