Wednesday, May 4, 2011

movie night

Well, tonight is movie night.  Normally, we as ABC students are not allowed to watch movies, but in the Servant Center and in plain view.  Of course those movies have to be approved.  Well, something they started this year is that once in a blue moon they give special permission for us to watch movies in the dorms as a reward.  We got to do it earlier this semester as a reward for moving the new furniture into the girl's dorm.  It was actually open dorms too, which means persons of the male gender were allowed in the women's dorm and persons of the female gender were allowed in the men's dorm (doors wide open of course).  Well tonight is a movie night again, but this time not open dorms.  I had not heard about it, but my friendly neighbor asked if I knew, and if I wanted to watch a movie in her room with her.  It is Love's Long Journey and so of course, I accepted.  The majority of my packing is done, and so I didn't have to work on that.  She still has a bit of packing, so she is going to pack and watch.  I am sitting on her bed just vegged out.  I was telling Daniel the other day how much I miss being able to watch movies here at school (because I rarely feel like trucking across the parking lot to sit in a classroom and watch a movie).  Sitting down and watching something is one of the most relaxing things for me.  I know I should enjoy reading a book more, but that's not how I am.  So with exams and academics behind me, and summer break starting, I am so super excited.

Ashley is also in el ed and I have loved having her across the hall.  We use each other's school supplies and ask for el ed help and ideas often.  She has a quiet and sweet spirit I greatly admire.  I will miss living across the hall from her next year.

I can barely believe I am halfway through my college career.  This semester especially has been an absolute whirlwind.  I don't know where it went.  I was so incredibly busy and hectic just about from the first day to the last day of classes.  It has been an absolutely amazing journey the Lord has taken me through.  I have had to learn a lesson time and time again that it is not my own strength that gets me through each day, but the Lord's strength.  I have learned the reality of the verse "when I am weak, He is strong."  I have been in the schools a bit more this semester, which has been wonderful.  I am here for children, and being able to 'get my hands dirty' with the children has been very rewarding.

I have remained very active in my church here and loved every minute of it.  Yes, there have been those exhausting moments, but even those exhausting moments are good.  It is those moments that make me appreciate the rewarding moments all the more.  I did not teach tonight which was actually so relaxing.  I enjoyed being able to not study to teach and just go and enjoy the kids.  Those kids each mean so very much to me, and when I told them it was my last week, I got several poochy lips.  They know how to make Miss Rebekah feel special.  One of the little boys tonight told me he wanted to go to Heaven so he could say "hi" to Jesus.  How cute is that?  I am going to miss my kiddos over the summer, and will be very eager to see them again this coming fall.

My parents plan on leaving Friday after school on Friday and will stop in Lancaster for the night.  They will go to a special restaurant for breakfast, and then hit the road West Virginia bound!  Commencement here is required, so I will be here for that, and then have RA duties to help check people out of their rooms.  My parents should get here sometime in the afternoon.  I hope to go over to the gorge with them and have a picnic dinner (praying for beautiful WV weather).  I will then be able to bring them to church here to meet my dear church family which I will miss immensely over the summer.  Monday morning, the four of us will hit the road, hopefully arriving in VT Monday evening!

Before I close this blog, I would like to give a shout out to my sister.  Sarah turns 16 today.  She has matured into a beautiful young woman of God.  She has been at public school this year, and I have been proud of the testimony she has had for the Lord.  She is drop dead gorgeous, and continuing to work on her inner beauty.  Proud to call her my sister, and excited to see how the Lord uses her life for His glory!

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