Monday, May 25, 2015

My Lifelong Dream {Part 2}: Being a Mom

Yesterday I wrote about the fulfillment to my dream of being a wife.  God has blessed me richly in the man He blessed me with to call my husband.  I am very grateful.

I must confess though that some days I wallow in my grief that now is not God's timing for us to be parents, for me to be a mom.  We have been married for just over two years (I understand that is not long at all), and I am sure you can imagine how many comments we/I get asking when we are going to start a family.  I know they mean well, but this hurts.  It hurts deeply.  I remember hearing people say how hard it was for them to hear these comments, and I now understand.

We want to add to our family, but know that responsibly, now is not the right time.  My head doesn't question this at all.  My heart on the other hand, struggles at times to be content.

Going back to yesterday's post, another recurring thought happens later in the day as my husband drives home from work: "I can't wait for him to get home.  We get to spend the whole evening together!"  I am still slightly {okay, very} possessive of my husband.  I love any, and all, time we get to spend together.

While I so badly want to grow our little family, I don't want to wish these years away.  These years where our family consists of just two adults.  I constantly am reminding myself that we will never get these years back when we are young and it is just the two of us.

In talking to many older and wiser woman, I hear a common piece of advice, "Enjoy these years, because they don't last."  I am in a phase of life right now.  I don't know how long this phase will be, but it is the phase the Lord has me in.  I don't want to waste it wishing to be a mom.

Currently, I am a wife to a wonderful man.  The days will come, Lord willing, when it won't just be the two of us.  Those days are in God's timing.  Until then, I bask in the blessing of marriage and the gift we have in spending time just the two of us.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miller Missions: Volume 3, Issue 1

We are praising the Lord for His provisions.  Here is our missions update letter!

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My Lifelong Dream {Part 1}: Being a Wife

I have recently noticed that I have a recurring thought.  This thought comes to me at least once a week on Saturdays when I am cleaning our small apartment.  The thought goes a little bit like this, "I can't believe I am a wife and get to keep home for my man."  The thought continues with my amazement at my husband and all he does for me.  I love married life!

I have always dreamed of being a wife and mom.  I am a wife right now.  I am living my dream.  There are a lot of days that keeping home and fixing meals is not all that exciting.  In fact, it is stressful and difficult.  I am trying to balance between being a teacher, a keeper of our home, and a wife who spends times with her man.  Many days I am tempted to throw my hands up in the hair and give up because it is too difficult.

Saturday mornings though help refresh me.  I don't always enjoy the action of cleaning the toilet or washing dishes, but it is the big picture that I wouldn't trade for the world.  I am living my dream.  I am cleaning the toilet, and washing the dishes in the home I share with my husband.  I  am living the life if a wife.  I have a home and husband to care for.  For that, I am thankful.

I love being a wife. I love trying to find ways to make our home a haven for my husband to come home to.   I love the feeling of a clean home.

May I be able to use this gift that God has given me to bring Him glory.  May I better understand His love and sacrifice for me, to then turn around and example it in our marriage.

Stay tuned for a sequel to this post.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our 2nd Anniversary

This mister and I just celebrated our two year anniversary.  We are thankful for the gift of marriage, and continue to absolutely love being married to one another.  God is so incredibly good.  We began a few traditions last year, and enjoyed continuing them this year.

Note the roses.  My sweetheart gave me two roses for our 2nd anniversary. His Dad does this for his mom each year, and my mister has decided to continue this legacy.  He has added his own creative twist, making it even more special.  As he put it, "The vase seems large now, but I plan on there being a lot more roses in there in the years to come."

I love my man, and am thankful to be his Mrs.

Coming Soon: a Miller Missions update!