Saturday, December 26, 2009


My first semester of college is finally behind me, by God's grace! It went well overall, but I am looking forward to this coming semester- I get to take Sign Language.

My time in Virginia was wonderful. It was so good to see Daniel again and to spend the time with him and his family. We got about 7.5 inches of snow, and so we got to go sledding. The snow was a little too 'powdery', so one night Tim and Daniel went out to pack it down better. What they had planned to do didn't work out as planned, so they called Beth and I out to give them 'weight' (fat joke? I think so!). Beth and I got in the Miller's fishing boat, and the guys pulled us across the field (the hill was already packed pretty well, they were just trying to make it so that we could slide across the field from the momentum of the hill). Apparently our 'weight' packed it down pretty well, and when they finally let us go inside, they hosed the track down and we let it freeze up. The next morning we all went out and enjoyed sledding on this newly made sledding track- what fun! Another thing I did while in VA was had Daniel teach me how to drive stick. Let's just say that I still have a lot of practice!

Christmas Eve Tim, Beth, and I left the Miller's a little after 6 am trying to make it back in time for Ira's Christmas Eve Service. It was a long drive, but God gave us an uneventful trip, and we made it to the service half way through Silent Night (there was only one song after Silent Night). I specifically enjoyed getting to see so many church people and visit with them after the service.

Christmas day was a lot of fun, starting with a delicious breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa Hewitt's. We then visited for a while with my grandparents, uncle, and two of my cousins from that side. Not sure how much longer they will be around, so we cherished our time with them. It was then time to go to Grandpa and Grandma Meigs'. We had several good laughs as we always do, and enjoyed that time of fellowship.

The 26th has always been our Christmas. We all slept in and slowly got up and had an amazing breakfast at about 9:30. We then took some family pictures with the seven of us, read the Christmas story from the Bible, and opened gifts. I got my calendar, and mom did a great job. I know, from being home when she would make the boys', that they take a lot of work. I can't wait to hang it up in my dorm room. Mom and Dad also surprised me with a Pea Coat! I had mentioned to mom a while back how much I liked them, but hadn't told her I wanted one for Christmas, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Before opening gifts, Dad had us focus on things we were thankful for, and I am amazed with what God has blessed me with. God is so good! Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally, I write to tell all that my first semester of college is done! It is such a good feeling. I feel all of my exams went well, with the possible exception of English Grammar. I don't know why, but grammar has never been my strong point.

It has been a crazy busy past few days, but well worth it to be where I am now (done!). Last night I had to say "Goodbyes" to the people at church, and that was hard. I have grown to love the people at DBC very dearly and they have done well with welcoming us college students with open arms. I brought some syrup for a family who I do a lot with, and the other ladies I teach with saw it and assumed it was mine (hence Vermont Maple Syrup), and they all wanted it. When I gave it to Matthew, those same ladies I teach with saw him with it. Oops.
Oh to be done with my first semester- how exciting. I get to see Daniel today, Tim and Beth on Saturday and my family a week from today!

"People don't care how much you know--until they know how much you care." -John C. Maxwell


Well, one thing I can now tell you for sure is that college exams are no fun. I took one on Tuesday (and did well), and took three yesterday (feel confident on all of those too), and I have to take two today. I think it should be okay, but I am still going "aah!". I am excited though because right after my last exam, I get to leave soon after. My first semester of being a full time student at college is almost complete!

I have been smiling at some of the things God has been teaching me lately, because He believes in conviction, haha. Today I am specifically working on patience. God knew I would need patience today as I went through my last two exams, and so here I am working on it, with His help.

I hope all have a great day. I am going to read over my notes one more time before "Test Time".

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Exam Schedule

This may have changed from what some of you have, but this one is the real deal!

-Bible Basis of Missions

-Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers
-Bible and Doctrine Overview
-Biblical Hermeneutics

-English Grammar
-Foundations to Marriage and Family

Prayers are very much appreciated!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Caroling and Ramen Noodles

Tonight, a group of us went out Christmas caroling at WalMart. I have to admit, I wasn't really looking forward to going, but it turned out to be such a blessing. I also wasn't expecting to get cold, because it is the warmest here that it has been the past week or so, but I was mistaken. The wind was a tad bit chilly after an hour or so of standing in it. It was encouraging though to see the smiles, the hustle and bustle of Christmas time, families together, and to listen to the singing. There were probably about 15 or so of us, which was a perfect number. Two of the girls that came with us were able to witness to a younger teenage girl, after she had joined out caroling for a few songs. Several other people were sent home with gospel tracts. We planted the seed, and now the Lord will water them. I had a great time tonight watching the people come and go from their shopping at WalMart. As I got into my room though, I quickly learned just how chilled I was, but after a little while of trying to thaw out, I am now enjoying a warm bowl of Ramen Noodles, what a great snack for a college student after a chilly night of Christmas caroling.

[picture removed for space]

I just finished, and it was so good!

Dorm Decorations

Each year, the students here get all excited to decorate their wing. It is a big deal, and everyone gets involved. Below are some pictures of our wing. Some of the themes of the other wings were "Peas on Earth" (after Peace on Earth), "Mario Christmas" (after the video game, obviously a guy's wing), "The Rapture Christmas", "The Knight before Christmas" (after The Night Before Christmas), and several other very creative ideas. Sadly, all of the decorations are down now and we are all (*cough*) diligently studying for exams next week.

This is the enterance to our wing. Our theme was based on Robert Frost's Poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"

The lovely barn door is my dorm room door!

The Countdown

[picture has been removed] 

The countdown is on for the Christmas events:
6 days until break
12 days until I get to see my family
13 days until Christmas day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Little Things in Life

Sometimes, you are extra thankful when Friday has arrived. Today was one of those weeks when I was especially thankful that Friday had finally arrived. The semester is nearing its end, and my body is telling me that. Praise the Lord, I have been keeping up with sleep, and am not suffering tiredness like most college students are at this time. It is just the anxiousness to be done. In one sense this semester has gone by very quickly, but in another sense, it has dragged so slowly. This time next week I will be done with my first semester of college (as being a full time student)!

Since being a college student, I have learned that one of the highlights of my day is going to check my mail. It is so stupid, but there is just something about having your very own mailbox under ‘lock and key’ and having the responsibility to check it. Grandma is so good with writing me often and keeping me up-to-date with what is going on at home. I have learned about some very important things through her letters because Mom and Dad for some reason or another (probably because they are insanely busy) forgot to tell me. Aunt Dar is another person who keeps my mailbox interesting. She always has a fun sticker on the front, and tells me what has been going on that week for her, Uncle Reg and her parents. There is something special about the familiar handwriting of loved ones. Today I checked my mailbox to find a big envelope from my dear friend, Beek (aka: Becca). She had created a CD of some Christmas songs. That was just what I needed for this afternoon as I was bundled in my room. I have gotten so many fun little things in the mail including: fresh apples, drawings from Sophia, notes from friends at RACS, long letters from friends and family, cookies, and one of my personal favorites…my mom’s homemade granola. I say all of this to remind you that it is the little things in life that really matter. :)

7 more days until this semester is done! “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

7 Days!

7 days from today, Daniel picks me up to go spend some time down in Virginia with his family (and my brother and sister-in-law too). I am quite ready for a break from college. Going home for Thanksgiving was such a blessing and very refreshing. God knew just what I needed when I needed it.

A brief summary on how college is going: college is going well. I have grown to really love my professors and the subjects they are teaching. I keep relatively busy with classes and church. My favorite class was Bible and Doctrine Overview because of how applicable it was, and how it dealt with things we talk about as Christians often (such as angels, demons, tribulation, trinity etc.), and defined them biblically. I am doing well academically and keeping up with my work (other then some reading). I have settled into a church, and am loving every minute of my time there. Just last night I began working in the children’s program, and absolutely loved it. Probably my favorite part was listening to each child pray before snack time. The church has welcomed us college students in with open arms, and gone out of their way to make us feel at home. College has had its struggles too, but I am relying on Him to carry me through.I will be riding home with Tim and Beth on Christmas Eve, and can’t wait to see my parents, brother, and sister!

Recently I have been reading in Philippians and have been challenged with the lessons I can learn from Paul as he writes to the believers in Philippi. I have been most specifically challenged with his attitude regardless of the situation he is in. We are reminded in Philippians 4:8 what our minds should be thinking of, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”