Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Spring!

I am not doing too well at this blogging thing.  Life has hit reality for the two of us and is too crazy.  Every quiet moment we get, we find ourselves savoring it with each other.

A crazy life has its ups and downs.  We are thankful for the many opportunities we have been given to do things and be involved in peoples' lives, but at the same time, I think there is such a thing as "too busy".  We feel we may be walking the line.  Therefore, we are trying to be mindful of this.  That being said, blogging has taken a "back burner" seat.

The mister carefully prepared a wonderful weekend of relaxation for me.  The thoughtful and aware husband that he is sensed that I was verging the point of breakdown and thought out some practical ways to help me take a few days to rest.  It started with my coming home on Friday to our home being meticulously cleaned.  He knows me well and knows a clean home is a big thing for me (I know, it won't always be like that).  His words were "You can sleep in tomorrow without having to think of cleaning the house."  I did just that.  I woke up way later than I care to admit.  He then suggested we go for a picnic.  We had a great time grilling hot dogs, laying in the hammock, and walking around the lake.  I am thankful for my mister, and his sweet ways of saying "I love and care about you."

For Christmas, we didn't exchange gifts with each other.  Instead we set the money aside to do an event together.  We chose to go to the circus, since it was in our area, and supposedly this is their last year of doing it with elephants.  We made a date out of the evening, and had a great time together.

Then in February, we were able to celebrate Valentines Day together.  I made shrimp alfredo!  We enjoyed an evening in together.  How thankful I am for my sweetheart and the gift he is from God.

That about sums up the exciting stuff from the last two months.  We continue to watch God help us work away at school loans, and recognize His hand in our lives.  It is exciting to know that He is continuing to work in and through our lives.

Until next time, enjoy spring (with my track record, I should probably tell you to enjoy summer as well)!