Saturday, May 28, 2011

eventful past few days

Thursday was my last day of observations for this summer.  It had mixed emotions.  I was thankful to in a sense have time back to myself, but since being there, I have grown to love those kids, and the teacher.  The teacher was a huge boost to my self esteem and continually reminded me that I really am cut out to be an elementary teacher.  Thursday, she had me doing a lot with the students, and I kept busy all three hours!  One of the little boys came over to me *all smiles*, "Miss Hewitt, today is my birthday, would you like one of my cupcakes".  He and his mom had made the  most adorable frog cupcakes, that were very tasty.

After picking Sarah up from school, we stopped at my grandparents, where we were able to talk to Mr. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson is the executive director of Trail's End Ranch, and it was good to meet him.  Grandma told him that she had told me any time I was homesick that his wife would be more then willing to give me a hug.  He quickly agreed and told me he would make sure to give me a whack each week, whether I deserved it or not.  Their sense of humor is fun!  Looking forward to a summer with them.

Yesterday brought lots of things.  It has recently hit me that by this Wednesday, I must be completely packed for camp and college!  I can go to Wal-Mart for the little necessities when I get down there, but for camp, I don't have that same luxury.  When I get to camp, someone associated with the camp will pick me up at the airport and once at camp, I am two hours away from a Wal-Mart (so thankful that the camp provides laundry detergent).  With this thought in the forefront of my mind, mom and I needed to go shopping, and soon!  We gathered all of our coupons, and made a long shopping list!

The day had to start early though because my sister had an exciting appointment (at 7:45am) at the DMV, *insert drum roll* to get her license!  I got my license renewed while there, and we were out of the DMV within 15 minutes, how often does that happen?  Mom and I brought Sarah to school, and then much to our dismay, K-Mart was the only store open at that hour.  Mom and I shopped there until the rest of the mall opened at 10am.  Mom and I went through many stores, doing a bit of needed shopping.  We found several awesome deals, and it was indeed a productive time.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a shopper.  I complained a little in K-Mart (because who wants to be in K-Mart longer then 15 minutes?), but other then that I was a very good little girl.  I was thankful though for the time Mom and I had together, all day!  We had some fun laughs, and many good conversations.  We covered the small town of Rutland.

At 2, we had to be back to the Christian School because Mom was playing for their Memorial Day service.  It was fun watching the little ones on stage singing to the Patriotic Songs.  Kylie was there to watch her sister play the hand chimes, so it was good to catch up with her a little bit.

Later on in the evening, we called my grandparents to ask if they needed help getting to bed.  Good thing we called, because Grandpa has just fallen.  Mom and I rushed down, helped him get up, and Mom put him to bed while I cleaned the house a little.  We got home from that, were home for not even five minutes when we got the call that Mom needed to take Sarah to the ER.  Sarah had been playing Rumble Ball when Sarah was tackled (part of the game), and her knee found the sharp rock in the grass.  She gouged the front of her knee, and got five stitches, and a brace.  The brace only has to be on for a few days to keep her from bending her knee, to allow the stitches to 'set'.  She was in and out of the ER within 2 hours--now that's impressive!

This morning has been slow, and the entire family has been thankful for that.  It has been a busy past few days.  We are enjoying the sunny weather, and time together.  I hope you all have a blessed long weekend with family and friends, and remember those who serve our country!

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