Thursday, November 15, 2012

almost there

Break is roughly fifteen hours away...but whose counting.  I find myself exhausted and yet refreshed at the same time.  This semester has been wearing me out and I am tired from that--physically, mentally, and emotionally.  At the same time though, I am refreshed because I look back on the semester and while it seems like I just started yesterday I see all that has been accomplished and learned.  There is one thing I have learned in college, and that is that I love to learn.  Learning is such an awesome privilege.

I have classes tomorrow morning, chapel, lunch and then I pack the car.  I hope to leave campus around 1 pm.  I will then go and pick Daniel up at the airport.  I am so thankful to him in his sacrifice of his weekend to help me drive and come to Vermont with me.  He is coming off of working a week of third shift out of town.  Proud of my man.  We drive for a few hours and then pick up a friend who goes to Liberty University but is riding a little north with her roommate.  After picking her up, we will have a few hours in the car before we pick up my sister's boyfriend.  We are finally on our last stretch of the trip.  We are hoping to be home around 4:30 am.

I am ready to be home with my sweet family.  I miss my family.  I miss laughs with my sister, and letting go and letting wild.  I miss conversations with my mom and time with her in the kitchen.  I miss welcoming my Dad home from work and hearing about his day.  I miss surprising him with some spectacular dinner waiting for him.  I miss Scott and how he picks on me in love, and can turn around and be a huge encouragement and challenge to me.  I miss Tim and his dear family.  Evan is growing up quickly and smiling.  I feel like I have missed so much of his life.  Annette is apparently putting her words together in more sentences.  I miss hearing "Bebby!!!".  I am ready to be home with my family, with my future family with me.  What a special few days that will be.  I am truly thankful for the family I have.

Tonight, I am sharing the devotional here on the wing.  I am excited at this opportunity and how the Lord so clearly laid on my heart exactly what He wanted me to share.  I am going to pull out my el ed hat tricks and read them a children's book, and then have them do art work and writing on a paint chip.  We are going to talk about the characteristic we want people to see when they see us.  Please be praying that I be invisible, but instead that it be Christ showing through me.

grace and peace to you.

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