Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I have been being contacted a lot in the last 24 hours asking if we are okay.  The answer is, yes!  In fact, we are doing very well!  We have been hit with snow instead of rain.  We have had a fair bit of wind, but nothing that has damaged, at least not here on campus.  We even still have our power (though it does flicker once in a while).  I am trying to use this day effectively where I have no classes (because I never do on Tuesdays), and get a lot of homework done.  At the beginning of the week I had over 750 pages to read.  Thankfully I am making great progress.  Anyways though, I wanted to post some pictures to prove that we do indeed have snow!

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  1. Glad to know you're OK. You all were in my thoughts and prayers this morning.