Tuesday, October 23, 2012

200 days!

In 200 days, I get to marry my best friend!  He was up this past weekend when we celebrated a quarter of our engagement time being up.  It feels like it is going slowly, but in another sense it is flying by.  We are trying to focus on enjoying engagement and not trying to rush it so much that we let this phase of life pass us by.  Do remember that we have a wedding website (there is also a link to it at the top of the blog page).  We are continually editing and updating this, so check back often...and please sign our guestbook!  If you are planning on being able to be in attendance at the wedding, we encourage you to send us an email (drmiller2013@gmail.com) so we can be planning accordingly.  I am finding myself constantly amazed with the fact that I am getting married, and to one far more amazing then I ever could have dreamed up.  I am truly blessed beyond what words can describe.

As much as I would love to fully devote all of my attention to marriage planning, I am still a student and therefore must focus also on my academics.  As mentioned in the earlier post, Monday was a big day!  Monday is now behind me and I finished all that needed to be completed.  What a wonderful feeling to have it all behind me.  October proves to continue to be a hectic month, with it slowing down just a little bit in November, and then a little more in December.  We are currently in midterm season, so we are doing lots of studying!  I am taking a midterm exam for Classroom Management this afternoon.  This has been my favorite class thus far this semester because of its practicality.  I am overwhelmed though by the responsibility that I will have as a teacher.

Please continue to pray for my student teaching placements.  There is a possibility right now for my placement, but there are still some "ifs" in the air to get worked out first.  I am anxious, excited, and in disbelief that I am old enough to be a senior in college doing my student teaching in three months!

Also, I am working on my Fall 2012 prayer letter.  If you are interested in receiving this, please either comment on this blog post with your email address, or send me an email stating that you would like me to email you a copy.

Well folks, that all for now.  Have a lovely day living it for the Lord!

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