Friday, October 19, 2012

the weekend has arrived

I am so thankful that the weekend has arrived!  It has been a busy week.  A good week though because my week started with my sweet fiance being here.  We so enjoyed our few days together.  I had heard of Sandstone Falls, but was not sure where it was besides the town.  We took on the adventure and were able to find it.  It is in the middle of no where, and looks like nothing much from the road, but once you get in it, it is beautiful!  There is a boardwalk that takes you out by the falls.  We had it working for us too that we went during the autumn's peak.  It was gorgeous.  We decided to add to the memories of the day by following the GPS rather then getting out the way we came in.  It took us on a steep, windy dirt road that could be easily mistaken as a dry river bed.  We laughed and had a lot of fun together.  Sadly, he had to leave Tuesday evening for his "Monday" on Wednesday.

The rest of this week has been hectic busy with academics.  Along with academic craziness, I am house sitting for a dear couple from my church.  It has been so enjoyable to be in a real home!  I am going to try to make this weekend as worth while as possible though.  I have another crazy busy week ahead of me.  I have a lesson plan due on Monday, as well as teaching a science lesson on Monday.  I have a take-home (which means it will take MUCH longer then the three hours we would have in class) mid-term due on Monday.  Truth be told, beyond Monday, I am not overly sure what is due.  I am trying to focus on the here and now.

Thanks for checking in and taking interest in reading my posts.  I wouldn't object to your praying for me, or any phone calls or letters from you!  Have a blessed weekend.

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