Friday, July 30, 2010

98 cents yumminess

One thing I love about being home is the fun I have the kitchen. The fun may include cooking a meal, doing dishes with my mom, making a family favorite, or doing something extra special for my parents.

This week, I have had the privilege of being home. The beginning of the week (Mon-Weds), home was the host home for the week of clubs, so Corey was here, and then Thurs and Fri, I am home alone with my parents as an only child. That has had its blessings too, and I have so enjoyed the time with them.

Strawberries are 98 cents at Price Chopper and I got a great idea in my head.....cover them in chocolate! I got a little carried away, but had fun making this special treat for my parents just to take the extra step of telling them "I love you".


  1. It was a special treat, #1 having her here and #2 having her do the cooking and special treats are always wonderful. Proud of you daughter! MOM

  2. These are really sweet, Becky! (No pun intended, for real.=)