Monday, July 26, 2010

3-day Day Camp: Day #1

This won't be a long post, because I have been working on things a bit this evening, and still have a lot to do, but I want to quickly let you know how todays 5 hour club went. I was surprised with how well the club went, and how smoothly it worked. I did the added lesson this morning on Adam and Eve talking about how that is the ultimate "One Way" (the theme) decision. We had 6 well behaved children from age 3 all the way through age 11. I brought the 11 year old with me, and he was a huge help with being an example and helping the younger ones. One of our 3 year olds fell asleep, but I wasn't bothered in the least. I was impressed with how well our two 3 year olds handled the long day of activities, and the sleeping child in the middle of the blanket served as no distraction, so it was as cute as could be and not a problem in the least. The craft we are doing is mosaic coasters and I was pleased with the children's maturity in handling this craft, and was encouraged by their excitement! For some of our game time, we played with a giant parachute, and the children were not the only ones who had a blast! I too enjoyed playing with them and just that lively time of giggles and activity! Please continue to pray for this club, and for the Lord has for these children. Our ultimate goal is to bring God glory!

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