Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Got back from camping this past weekend, and it was a great time, yet very wet. It sprinkled all Friday afternoon/evening, and then we were excited to see the sunshine Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day, and enough sun to cause a slight burn, but the people who were out swimming are burnt to a crisp (such as Sarah). I was sitting down to watch the annual baseball game with a sleeping baby in my arms when the clouds decided to open in torrential downpour. I ran back up to the site with Allie (the baby) and she thought it was hilarious watching mom and dad run around trying to keep the tent dry. It got sunny later on in the afternoon, and we enjoyed a roast that had been cooked over the fire, and then the famous s'mores later on that evening. We went to bed, and lets just say it was a long night with little sleep thanks to the rain.

As you can read in previous posts, the past week went very well. Corey and I had an awesome host family that we enjoyed spending time with, and Thursday night they took us out kayaking! Both clubs went very well, and I was most encouraged on Monday when counseling two girls. I asked them why they had come back, and they responded with "I have sin that I just need to take care of. Like really REALLY need to take care of". In talking further, I am convinced that they both have accepted Christ, and so I shared 1 John 1:9 with them. They each prayed individually, and then I closed in prayer for them. I later realized what an example they are to me because of their tenderness towards sin. Sometimes I think I have grown stale to the realization of the seriousness of my sins, but these two girls brought a powerful reminder to me that I need to have the same mindset immediately after I sin. The mindset that I really REALLY need to take care of that sin immediately.

This week holds something totally new. We are doing a 3-day day camp with six Bible clubs. Try to figure that out (and if you do, explain it to me). What it will be is a day camp Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday that will go from 10-3. First thing in the morning we will do what we would normally do for a 90 minute club, then play games, eat lunch, do a craft, and then do another one of our 90 minute clubs. If you do the math, that has us doing 6 of the normal clubs amongst the other things, and we were trained to do 5-day clubs, so that has me pulling together the sixth lesson.

That is where you come into play....I need prayer! It is Sunday night and I know what I am teaching (Adam and Eve) and I have everything all scheduled out, but I still have to organize the box, and plan out games, and make sure I understand how the craft will work. I am very tired from the past week of clubs and the weekend and just need prayer for strength. I am clinging to 2 Corinthians 12:10 "For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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