Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3-day Day Camp: Day #2 and #3

I must admit that I liked this set-up of the clubs best. It was great fun spending all day with the kiddos, telling them stories, playing games, eating, doing crafts, and lots of giggling. I felt I was able to invest in relationships much more with this set up then with having 90 full minutes for five days.

Day #2 went pretty well, but it was the in between of them being comfortable with us, but being tired from the day before. We were still establishing and sharpening the relationship as the authority. I told the story of the Prodigal Son in the morning, and felt it went well, but that I got a little long winded and lost some of the children's attention. The kids LOVED doing the craft, and all morning were asking "when do we get to do the cement?" Again, no decisions, but in talking to a mother this morning, she was encouraged that one of her children was hearing the gospel and showing interest. The seed was planted, and the Lord will work to what He sees best.

Day #3 went well, and I would even say I felt it went better then yesterday. The children were very energetic, but at the same time, very tuckered out from the heat and two long days before today. I taught the story of Samuel this afternoon, and was encouraged by their thoughtful questions. Again, they were excited to finish up their craft, and I can honestly tell you, they turned out great! The children did a fantastic job at being careful, and creative. They walked away with coasters they should be proud of. Again, the gospel was presented, and a challenge was given to the saved children to pray to God, and watch for him to answer.

I thank you for your prayers this week, as it was a different week for me. I now have two days off, that I am looking forward to cleaning and just catching up some rest that has been a rough department this week. It will also be good to spend some time with mom while dad is off to work. Next week, I get to stay home again, and we will do the bulk of a VBS at a church, and in the afternoon, I get to do a club in my hometown (how exciting is that?) I am looking forward to being all rested up and ready to be with the children again early Monday morning.

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