Monday, July 5, 2010

first day of club

This morning started early, but we had an uneventful trip over and I enjoyed the time with Mom and Dad. We got over here, spent some time with our host family (who used to go to our church back at home), and enjoyed that time of fellowship. After a while, we went to our first club where we had three children, all siblings and the children of the hostess. We had fun with them and still did a club as we would were we to have 20 children. We then went to Steve's parents' home for lunch and got reorganized to then head to the park for our second club at 2pm. Sadly, no children showed up, but we still had a blessed time getting to know the club hostess, and some dear time praying for the other summer missionaries and that children will come to the club tomorrow! We then came back to the host home we are staying at and enjoyed a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, salad and corn on the cob! Joy and I then worked on getting organized for tomorrow. Still on the list to do tonight is study a bit, spend some time with God, and then head to bed- I am exhausted! Thank you all so much who were praying. Without your prayers, today would not have been possible!

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