Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday update for week #3

It is Friday morning and I wanted to give you a brief update on the past week. Our first club has been going very well, and Corey and I have been having a lot of fun with those children. We have been having the same 8 children all week, and a ninth child on Monday, Tuesday, and she should be back today. Both of our clubs this week are four day clubs due to different situations. The second club was organized Monday afternoon, and Praise be to God, has been better then anticipated. Tuesday we had 3 children, Wednesday we started with 6 children (ended with 4, and not because we lost them, haha), and yesterday we didn't have any. God knows how many children will be at our clubs each day, and has planned it out. Our host home this week has been fantastic, and we have enjoyed our time with them immensely. Last night we got to go kayaking, and what a beautiful evening that was. I am sorry I don't have time to write more, but I am beginning to smell the (good) aromas of breakfast. I probably won't be able to give a full update on this week until Sunday night or later as I am going church camping with my family this weekend. Stay tuned to hear my exciting plans for club next week! Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts!

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