Saturday, August 21, 2010

I love my siblings!

I am getting close to heading out for college, and trying to make the most of my last three weeks before school, and I am succeeding at it! The first week home (from working) Daniel came up and I was able to enjoy the week with him. Since then I have enjoyed the time in the kitchen cleaning, cooking, and baking! I have also been trying to make sure I spend lots of time with the people here that I won't be able to see for a while once I go back to school.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott, Sarah, and I decided we wanted to spend an afternoon together. We met Scott and all went into Danby to some beautiful waterfalls (okay, so the waterfall(s) itself aren't that impressive, but they are still fun, and beautiful). We hiked up them and really had no rush for time, so we just enjoyed ourselves. Within minutes of being there, I fell into the water, giving me the shocking sensation when your warm body reaches the frigid water. We hiked up the falls, while throwing rocks to splash each other (Scott got me really good one time). On our way back down, I decided I wanted to slide down the waterfall (when I had gone the other week with Daniel, Beek, and Nick, I had wanted to, but wasn't really prepared so opted out). I got in, trying to go slow and feel me way down to make sure there were no sharp rocks, are large rocks I would land on. After inching forward a few inches, the current grabbed me and I couldn't stop myself, so I quickly hoped there were no rocks in the way. I was a bit scared, but all fear of rocks left when my entire body went under the frigid cold water. I can't even begin to tell you just how VERY cold it was (and it wasn't even an overly warm day). After much coaxing, I was able to get Sarah to slide down the falls and go swimming with me (it was cold enough that I was tricked into believing that it was warmer in the water, then out in the wind). Scott had explained many times that he would not go swimming, because he had not come prepared. But that didn't last long when he was standing on the edge noticing how the water would go up his legs in a pattern when he was standing in the 'heart' of the current. He ended up losing his balance and falling in! We ended up all getting VERY cold, and Sarah's lips were purple and her hands very white, so we decided it was time to get in the sun-baked car!
Scott being a goober as Sarah was trying to get a picture with him.

Scott getting ready to give Sarah a good splash.

Apparently they were trying to play London Bridges.

Scott was trying to climb the waterfall horizontally.

After our fun adventure at the falls, we went back to the house, got some pizza, sunchips, and tea (because you care about exactly what we ate) and enjoyed an evening together. I love having such fun siblings.

I do have another brother and his wife, and sadly, they live in Alabama, so they weren't able to join us. But unlike Scott and Sarah, I get to see them next week when we go down to visit them "on our way" to drop me off at school. Another great way to spend my time before going back to college.

This weekend, we have the fun of having some close family friends stay with us for the weekend, which is always a blast. Monday will be busy since I think I am to be meeting with three different people throughout the day, and then it sounds like we will be leaving early Wednesday morning to head out. Yikes! So many people I want to see and spend time with, but so little time! Looking forward to a fun packed weekend.

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