Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the continuing of life

This week has been a bit slower, and that has been wonderful.  I have been trying to work hard first to get our home picked up, to then be able to relax.  Last week was so busy, and we just felt it got the better of us.  Here are a few things going on in our lives...

  • The mister's work schedule has changed, and so his weekend days are now Wednesday-Friday.  We anticipate some challenges with this, because we will have very little time together.  We are thankful though for marriage in that we still get to see each other bunches more then when we were dating.  Just last night we just had a nice long conversation, and it was SO refreshing for both of us.  Thankful to be married to my best friend.
  • I have started volunteering some hours in the office at our Christian School.  I am still learning the answers to the plethora of questions, but thankfully the secretary is very gracious and patient.
  • Our weather has been cooling down...praise the Lord.  Our AC has been turned off since Saturday, and we have been thoroughly enjoying the crisp cool breeze that blows throughout our home.
  • We had a Starbucks gift card that had been given to us a while back.  Thursday was a day filled with running errands...together *my favorite*.  We decided to make good use of this gift card and enjoyed a spiced apple cider- delish!  Then on Sunday, I had my first pumpkin spice coffee of the season at church.  It touched the spot perfectly!  Have I ever mentioned how absolutely much I love fall?!
  • I (the Mrs.) have been struggling with some breathing issues for the past month.  It comes and goes, but has been quite frustrating...and scary.  I have a whole new level of compassion for my niece when this is a regular occurrence for her.  Yesterday, I had an employment physical at the doctor's office, and mentioned this to them.  Immediately they pinned it as allergies.  So thankful that is all it appears to be.  Hopefully some meds will help get my breathing back on track and more bearable.
  • The mister and I are both excited to be participating in Bible studies at our church this coming week.  He will meet with the men on Friday mornings and they are studying Oswald Sander's classic, Spiritual Leadership.  I will meet with the ladies on Tuesday mornings as we go through June Kimmel's study titled A Life Surrendered.
  • One of my passions is cooking and baking.  Here are a few of the recent recipes I have tried: chicken tortilla soup, slow cooker pork tenderloin, chocolate chip cookie in the microwave, cream cheese filled snickerdoodle (a big hit when we got together with some friends for a game night), pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and our personal favorite (though very time consuming), pumpkin pull apart bread!
With both of us working a bit of beyond-the-ordinary, we have been tempted (and at times caving to this temptation) to complain.  When we take a step back though and look, we see this as one way the Lord provides for us.  With a different way of looking at it, we find ourselves basking in His goodness!

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