Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Season

We are loving this Christmas season together as a married couple!  Here are a few of the things we have enjoyed doing...

Baking: peppermint bark, no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies, chocolate mint dreams, chocolate covered oreos, and chocolate mint brownies.

Cooking:  We were generously given some venison.  We didn't do much venison growing up so I have enjoyed experimenting.  We had venison steaks last week, and I made venison chili.  Both we highly approve of!

Partying: Last weekend was our Sunday School party.  The mister had to work, but I was still able to go.  This past weekend was the faculty/staff Christmas party for my job.  We got to go together, and had a fun time doing so!

Christmas Cantatas: We have already been to three Christmas programs, two through church and one through school.  My preschoolers did a fabulous job singing loud and clear for all to hear- I was so proud of them!  They all looked precious all decked out in their fancies!

Christmas Card Writing:  We decided to do Christmas cards this year, and had a lot of fun doing it.  We had very limited supplies so very few got them in the mail.  We did an electronic letter as well!

We are thankful to say we have not felt the hecticness of the season (besides still not knowing when he gets time off for us to travel to my parents).  We truly have been simply enjoying the festivities paired with extra opportunities of fellowship.

I am humbled by the birth of Jesus.  In discussing it with the third graders yesterday, there wasn't much more of a humble way Christ could have entered, yet he is the only one that deserves the most magnificent.  How come we so often feel as we are not getting enough recognition?  It is shameful of us.

All this to say, we are enjoying our first Christmas together!

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