Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Happenings

March has come and quickly approaching.  I can already tell this year is going to fly by.  One of the aspects of marriage I am enjoying it looking for reasons to celebrate.  I find myself planning much further ahead.  The downside of this is that quite often I am "living in the future", which all too quickly becomes the past.  This is an area I am still working through.

Sick season is here, which has me subbing a lot, and home less.  I miss home.  Don't get me wrong, I love being at school, but home with my husband very well may be my most favorite place in the whole wide world!  This coming week presents a packed schedule.  Three of the days, I am subbing at school (starting at 7:45), and then go over to preschool until 6 (or until the last kiddo leaves).  I can honestly say, I feel ready.  I have known this week is coming, so have tried to prepare for an exhausting week.

St. Patrick's day is tomorrow and I am excited to make my first ever, corned beef.  We hope to have cabbage steaks with it, and finish off our meal with shamrock shakes.  This holiday does not serve much significance to either of us, but [see above], I am always looking for fun things to celebrate.  I enjoy the challenge of planning a meal around a theme.

The mister has been playing house-husband a lot lately, and putting me to shame with the quality of work he does.  I have had a crazy past few weeks between illness, subbing hours, and planning for the summer program.  This has {shamefully} put housework on the back burner.  My sweet husband has done more dishes the past few weeks then I care to admit.  He has done some spring cleaning, and prepared several of our meals.  I am realizing more and more each day how thankful I am to be married to him.  He truly is my best friend, and I so appreciate the depth of our conversations.

We continue to stay busy with our church.  This past week we had the Herbster Evangelistic Ministries for Revival.  Coming from the north, I was not familiar with revivals.  I confess, I was a bit skeptical, and not overly looking forward to it.  I was pleasantly surprised and very encouraged and challenged.  The quote that most stands out in my mind is "Only genuine people can make a difference".  This was in the context of Christians having to be genuine about their relationship if they ever hope to make an impact for Christ.  I have been chewing on this statement a lot lately, and especially as I rub shoulders with students every day.

What are you doing special for St. Patrick's Day?

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