Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where did July go?

I can hardly believe that July is done, and that we are almost halfway through August.  One thing the mister and I keep saying is how incredibly fast this year has gone.  It is true that the older you get, the faster time goes by, but I used to measure time in smaller increments: a break from school, semesters, summer vacation, etc.  Now I simply measure it by months, and the year is over halfway gone.  We are thankful that the Lord has really impressed on our hearts this year to make the most of time.  The Lord knew this was going to be a fast year, and were we were to take time for granted, we would look back on 2014 with a lot of regrets.

July is my favorite month as it has both my birthday, and my favorite holiday {Independence Day}.  This year was no exception in it being a wonderful month.  Celebrating our country was one of my favorite weeks at preschool.  My mister absolutely spoiled me rotten on my birthday (and basically the week before, and week after). We went on our summer vacation.  The list could go on with other smaller things that when compiled together made for a big month in our little family.

My birthday was July 8th, and my husband had been planning in advance in order to make it the best one yet.  He asked me what I wanted for my birthday meal.  I asked him "how ambitious do you want to get?".  He replied with, "well, what do you want?".  I told him {Outback} Alice's Spring Chicken, and {The Pioneer Woman} Olive Bread.  It was not a particularly healthy meal, but my-oh-my was it delicious.  My husband knows his way around the kitchen [thanks, Mom Miller for teaching him].

The morning of my birthday (he was on his weekend, but I still had to work), he banned me from going into the kitchen.  He had bought me strawberries, and made homemade waffles with cool whip, strawberries, and chocolate.  This was no small task as I have to be at work before 7:00am.  It was so special.

He worked hard and long to make my requested dinner.  It was no disappointment.

He also made me homemade peanut butter cheesecake.  I have made one cheesecake in my life, and while it tasted good, the texture left more to be desired.  My husband absolutely mastered this cheesecake--it was absolutely ah-mazing!

I cannot brag on him enough [not to mention, I am sure you are already bored out of your mind] for how special he made my birthday.  I was not allowed in the kitchen all day, and he did all of the dishes.  I have known this for quite some time, but he's a keeper!

We had about a week of "normal" life before the insane schedule began.

On July 18th, we flew to Dallas, TX and drove to Austin to spend a few days with several of the mister's college friends.  There were seven of us total.  We did a lot of outdoor water activities, visiting, and catching up.
 Austin, TX capitol

Early Tuesday (July 22) morning, we flew north to spend a few days with my family in Vermont.  It was a very relaxing and restful time, and the weather was wonderful!  My parents live in the woods, with a large yard, in a small town.  The slow pace of life was a welcome change.  It was also good to spend time with family (my grandparents, parents, and all 3 siblings life here).  We rarely get to see our niece and nephew, so that was a fun time as well.

We got back late Friday night, and on Monday (July 28), my brother welcomed another daughter into their family.

We were bummed to have just missed her arrival, but are thankful that Nora Joy is healthy and doing well.

Along with our sweet niece arriving, Monday started our hectic week of Bible Adventure Week (aka: VBS) at our church.  Several months ago, not knowing what all would be happening this week, I agreed to be the 1st grade leader.  It was a challenge balancing the different hats I was wearing, but God's strength sustained me, and I was able to see that "when I am weak, He is strong".  Our theme was pirates, "Treasure God's Word".  One of my friends made this awesome ship for our classroom.

After three years without a job, my Lord provided my father-in-law with a new job.  He is now pastor at a church about two and a half hours from us.  We were able to go help them move into their new home on that Wednesday and Thursday.  It was a delight to be meet the people at their new church, and see where they are at now.  We cannot thank the Lord enough for how He provided.  It was a busy two days, but a lot was accomplished.

And now, as if life weren't crazy enough, I am preparing to start a new job tomorrow.  I was offered a position at our church's school to teach 2nd and 3rd grade math and English.  I chose to leave the preschool aspect of the school, and accepted this position.  In-service begins tomorrow, and I am eager to begin.  My heart is in teaching, and I cannot wait to teach academics.  There is still a lot I don't know, and need to learn, but the Lord has not failed me yet, and I know He will continue to keep me and teach me.

I ask that you pray for me and the lives I will be in contact with this year.  Thank you for your love and support.  Please keep in touch with us, and let us know what is going on with your life.

Until next time, enjoy each moment, knowing that the moments, hours, days, months, and years pass by ever so quickly.

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