Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy New Year

One of my new year's resolutions is to take more pictures.  The mister and I have such fun living life together, yet I have so few pictures to show for it. One of our resolution's for 2014 was to be more intentional with our time.  We were.  We did a lot in the year and had a blast doing it.  Unfortunately, I have very little to show for it.

Our Christmas is no exception.

I had two weeks off from work, and so we did a lot of traveling.  We were able to visit with both sides of our family, as well as spend some time together--just the two of us.

It. Was. Wonderful.

 We celebrated our Christmas together before our travels.

Our travels began with driving to Vermont.  We were reminded several times to be thankful for our safety.  We drove many miles, and the Lord kept us, and our vehicle, safe.

We then drove from Vermont to North Carolina, where the mister's parents live.  Somehow my in-laws escaped any pictures.  It was a restful few days in their new home.
Like the slippers?

We came home for a night and then drove to Tennessee for a mini vacation.  We had a sweet date and enjoyed the scenic drive.

Reality struck again though on Monday morning.  I added a class this semester.  A dear teacher friend retired from teaching, and I took over one of his classes.  I am now teaching 6th grade Math.  My work load has grown exponentially, but I am learning so much from this experience.

I have also recently committed to teaching in the preschool again this summer.  I feel I have it made when I get to spend the summers with the little kiddos, and the school year with the bigger kiddos.  Again, I am so thankful the Lord has made it so clear to me what I enjoy doing.

In other news, we have been praying that God would provide ways for us to pay off our school loans quicker.  God provides.  The mister has been working a lot.  Sometimes it feels like non-stop.  He has had several days with overtime recently.  While I miss having him at home SO much, I am thankful for the answers to prayer we are watching first hand.

2015 is upon us and I have no idea what to expect.  Two things I know is that I want to continue being intentional with time, and want to take more pictures.

Happy 2015!

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