Friday, August 14, 2015

Classroom Reveal

This school year, I will be residing at the end of the very long hallway.  The opposite end from the restroom, and the opposite side of the building from the copy machine.  Hello exercise!

Welcome to my classroom!  I have 19 students total- 5 fifth graders, and 14 sixth graders. Having the "big kids", I needed a mature theme, so I decided to go with the timeless chalkboard theme.  There are so many helpful decorating ideas and resources on this theme.

As soon as you step in, this is what you see!  this is what you would have seen Thursday afternoon, before any students stepped foot in my classroom!  Papers are missing, books are no longer perfectly in their baskets, s'mores have been consumed, and things are no longer quite as crisp!  That is okay with me though.  As much as I love organization, I want my classroom to be used and have signs of 5th/6th graders living in it {and we all know that does not equate to organization}.

Most parents at our school have multiple children, and that means they have multiple classrooms to go to, and teachers to meet.  My goal was to simplify things for parents in having two categories: colored papers to fill out immediately, and white papers to go home.  The s'mores were a success with the students!  I got the great idea over at Ginger Snaps, and she even provided a free printable.

Another thing you may have noticed is that I chose to put the name tags on the back of the chairs, instead of the top of the desk.  We shall see how this works out.

May I say how thankful I am for the quality supplies and facilities my school provides for the teachers.  I am not just talking about this amazingly huge desk, but the technology, cubbies, storage closets, and overall general quality of most everything.  This year, I added a lamp to my desk and am already loving the warmth it adds to the atmosphere.

While I was so nervous about Back to School Night! last night, it went so well.  Some of the situations I was most nervous about went smoothly and in the end I was very thankful for the evening.  I had some wonderful conversations and learned a lot.  It got me even more excited about the school year- if that was possible!  No year is without its challenges, but I expect it to be a phenomenal year.

Daniel and I have been praying for years for a full time teaching position, and He has answered.  My personal goal this year is to deepen my prayer life to remain very aware that I am not doing this alone.  I can only be successful with His strength, wisdom, and guidance.  The spiritual theme I have for our class this year is that in everything, we seek to glorify Christ.  When we are seeking that, everything else will fall into place because we are doing our best for Him!

I covet your prayers as school starts Monday!

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