Tuesday, December 6, 2011

another random post

Too many random thoughts floating around in my head...let me enlighten you:

  • You know you are a busy college student when you have to do laundry because you have no clean clothes left, when you LOVE to do laundry.
  • After an electrical burn and tripping a breaker...Christmas decorations helped me reaffirm that I am not called to be an electrician.
  • I am sad my observations at Bradley are done.
  • Not looking forward to this Bethel exam tomorrow on the History of Education....lots of names.
  • I so badly want to either bake something, or do something crafty--neither of which can be done the week before finals.
  • Praising the Lord that what I thought would be terrible this semester, has actually turned out to be such a blessing.
  • The pictures that happen behind my eyelids are much more enjoyable then the words on a note-card about history and philosophy.
  • I love lists, and live by them!
  • Aah, I love el ed, even if it is an insane amount of work.  It is totally worth being in the center of God's will.
  • I wish it were easier to study while listening to Christmas music, I hate turning it off.
  • I hate late lights...I don't want to stay up until morning time...I never know which is more important....sleep? studying?  I am going for a combination tonight.

Goodnight, all!  I hope you enjoy your sleep.

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