Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week #3

I can hardly believe that I am a quarter of the way through student teaching and get to marry Daniel twelve weeks from yesterday.  My how time flies when you are having fun.

I taught Bible this week.  I had a lot of fun doing it.  Unlike the other subjects, we do not have a "Teaching Bible" class because they assume between our Bible classes (content) and our other teaching classes (technique), that we did not need a class specifically for "Teaching Bible".  I can see the wisdom in that, but it still left me a little nervous, so that is why I did it first (that is how I do things).  I ended up really enjoying teaching this and trying to pass on an excitement for God's Word.  I had my first really big blunder though.  Our memory verse was Psalm 23:5.  We have been working on Psalm 23:1-4 since before I got there.  I have known these verses for years, but froze up.  It was a humbling experience.

I taught an art lesson for both first grade classes.  I was nervous with this because of not knowing the other students, but knowing some of their needs.  It all went well (thanks to the help of the two teaches) and the students really enjoyed the project.  We decorated boxes for their valentines.  The students did this by cutting up lots of pieces of red and pink paper and gluing them to their box.  They then put a sign on their box that read "I love you to pieces!"  I was impressed with how well they all turned out.

I led another PE game and continued Read Aloud.  Both of these went well.  I love the opportunities I have to work with the students.

This week also held some fun celebrations with Valentine's Day.  Tuesday afternoon, I had a handsome visitor waiting for me when I got out of school.  Daniel came up and took me out to olive Garden for Valentine's Day.  We vowed to not talk about school or the wedding.  That ban in conversation was needed and well enjoyed for its time.  I also had fun doing some extra baking for the holiday.  Here are a few pictures!

 The valentines that I made for my students were pencils and a maze that read "You are a-MAZE-ing!"
I made strawberry cake chocolate chip cookies.  I had never made cake cookies, but was impressed with how they turned out.  One cake mix made over three dozen.  The recipe can be found here

I also made some white chocolate covered pretzels with heart sprinkles, but I have a student allergic to milk, so I made goodie bags for some of the girls here on campus.  So they got some pretzels and strawberry cake chocolate chip cookies! 

All of the valentines all ready to go to school with me.
This upcoming week, I add reading to the classes I teach on top of the things I have been doing.  I appreciate your reading this blog and for your support.  Have a wonderful week!

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