Friday, May 17, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words...Graduation

We all know I can get a bit long winded at times, and graduation was a spectacular life event, and so it is predetermined that I would get long winded, and bore you to death.  Therefore, I am going to refrain from telling you all the details, and instead post pictures that I have gotten from my Mom.

The basic details are: On May 4, 2013 at 10:00 am, I graduated from Appalachian Bible College with a Double Major in Theology and Elementary Education.

 Friday afternoon we had a senior program.
 Good friend, Missy and I.  She lived across the hall from me and is also getting married this summer.  We shared many hours planning and chatting wedding together.
 I do love my brothers, even when they harass me mercilessly at times.

 I have the piece of paper!
 My tassel has been switched...I am a college graduate!

 Love this woman to pieces and love how so many people tell me we look alike.  I have yet to see it, but we get it all the time.
 Best friend and bridesmaid, Kari.  This woman right here is proof that God answers prayers.  When I went to college, I had many praying for a godly female friend for me, and folks, here is the answer!
 Missy and I with our misters!
 What can I say, we are not photogenic?
 Thankful for my parents and their support and training of me through the years.
 My grandparents were able to come down for graduation...what a special treat.  These two also have supported me through the years and helped pray and mold me into the woman I am today.
 At the time, my fiance and future in-laws.
 After graduation we went to Camp Creek State Park and had a picnic.  It was a bit windy and chilly to say the least.
 Exactly a week before our wedding!
What lovely parents I have.

So there you have it...quick, simple, and to the point.  I am missing lots of detail, but you don't care about all of those.  Stay tuned for the post of the wedding a week picture form!

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