Monday, April 29, 2013

Week #12

Can you believe I am done with student teaching and graduating in less than a week?  It seems so surreal.  I had a wonderful experience with student teaching and would not trade it for the world.  I learned so much and grew in so many ways (not to say I don't still have need for growth).  I am just about done with college.  I have grown to love West Virginia, and am sad to leave.  This has been my life the past four years.  I told Daniel yesterday, that I am thankful I have exciting things in my future, because it makes saying goodbyes a bit easier.

I only taught spelling this week, but spelling has been one of my favorites to teach, so that was a lot of fun. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and practiced our spelling outside with sidewalk chalk, that was fun!  One thing I am sure NOT to miss with student teaching, is the mounds of paperwork.  I was thankful to complete my 4" student teaching binder Saturday evening.  The binder is stuffed!  I will say though that it is a treasure now to me.  There is a plethora of resources contained in there, a wealth of creative ideas, and memories that will never be replaced.

Here is the classroom I have enjoyed my past twelve weeks in...


 Thursday was my last day, and my heart was hurting.  I told myself to be strong and enjoy every last minute with those dear children, rather then moping around all day.  During the morning routine, Genna had me sit down and all of the children surround me.  She had compiled a bunch of keepsakes and created a scrapbook--what a special gift this was.  I looked through it with my sweet first graders.  I was proud of myself for making it through that time.  I was thankful for the kind gift from my class, and went on with my day, trying to treasure it rather then waste it with being sad.

I had lunch duty, so I went about it as usual.  I noticed Genna bringing in a cake and drinks, but could not think of any of the first graders (there is another first grade class in addition to mine), and wondered if it was for me, but dismissed the idea, knowing I had already received a gift. I continued on with my responsibilities.  Genna broke the awkwardness by telling me it was all for me, from one of my student's Dad.  There was cake, juice, a precious card, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  I opened the card, and being strong was becoming more difficult.  We celebrated and I received some fun appreciative comments: Miss Hewitt, I am going to miss you so much, I think I am going to die, or Miss Hewitt, can I come home with you?  I was touched by the realization of the work that the Lord had done through me.

 the gifts from my precious first graders and host teacher

Goodbyes were hard, but we made it.

Friday was our senior retreat.  We did a work project on campus, went to a Japanese steak house, and then on to a state park.  It was a wonderful retreat and we could not have asked for more beautiful weather.  The school had there all school picnic, and afterwards I went over to Kari's family's home for a campfire.  I am going to miss that family a lot.

Saturday was a slave driving day as I worked hard to finish up some paperwork.  I celebrated by going over to my pastor's home in the evening.  He and his wife opened there home for the DBC graduates to have friends over for a party.  We played several games, and enjoyed good food around some special fellowship.  They have the college students over every Sunday night and feed us all dinner.  Needless to say, they have made their home a second home for us.

 Kari and I...we all enjoyed the steakhouse

 you are never too old for a slide

my sweet friend, Hannah and I

Sunday was difficult for me, because it was so hard realizing this is my last Sunday worshipping with my brothers and sisters at DBC.  This church has been huge in my life, as it was part of my life as I was becoming an independent adult, and having to make decisions.  The people opened their arms, hearts, and homes, and I am forever grateful.  I did lots of homework Sunday evening.

We are now on to my final week as a college student.  I have yet to learn if I passed my PRAXIS or not.  I am a bit obsessive about checking.  We have some final Student Teaching conclusion meetings Monday- Wednesday, and then on Thursday and Friday is Bible Conference.  I have family coming down on Friday.  Daniel and his parents will come on Saturday for graduation.

Any and all continued prayers are requested and appreciated.  I cannot guarantee the next time this blog will be updated...maybe not until I am Mrs. Miller :).  I thank you for your investment in my life as you read my posts and pray accordingly.

Until next time...grace and peace to you!

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