Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week #10

It was so good to be back after being gone for Spring Break, oh how I love my students.  I have a natural tendency to get sad simply anticipating a sad event. This is no exception.  I find myself getting teary realizing that very soon I will be done attending Daniels Bible Church, and will be done teaching in this precious first grade classroom.  I am thankful there is great excitement though in my future to counteract the sadness of phases of my life ending.  I will admit, I don't expect to miss the college scene too much, though that is not to say I did not enjoy my college days.

I dropped Bible and Reading this week, which was an adjustment.  I have been teaching those two subjects for several weeks.  I learned a lot though in observing from the perspective of having done it. 

The weather was spectacular, allowing us to go outside.  My host teacher had mentioned that I would notice a huge change in the demeanor of my students once they were outside...this could not have been more true.  They are ready to sit for classes when they have been outside in the fresh air, allowed to run around, scream, and wiggle, to their heart's content.  It is also nice for the teacher to sit outside and get some warmth during student teaching.

Yesterday, I took my PRAXIS (test determining if I am eligible for my state licensure).  I could never have imagined how exhausted I would be.  It affected me a lot more then I remember the SAT or ACT ever affecting me. I was thankful to have a dear friend go with me, also taking the test.  We both walked out, took a deep breath, and simply said "I never want to have to do that again".  We were famished hungry (after a good hearty breakfast and nutritious snack between the two tests) and so decided to get some lunch.  The results are scheduled to come out on Daniel and my wedding day.  I ask that you not ask me about it though on my wedding day, haha.

This upcoming week is our standardized achievement testing.  I am eager to observe it from the perspective of a teacher rather then the student taking them.  I technically give Language and Math over to my host teacher this week, but because of the testing schedule, I will be in charge of afternoon activities and she will be in charge of all morning activities (including testing). 

The teachers try to not do any traditional academics this week, just to alleviate the pressure of testing.  It works out well as I had several PE activities that I needed to get in before I left, so we are doing lots of fun activities in the afternoon.  Another fun afternoon activity is a project where the students are designing their machine to do a first grade chore. It will be fun to see what comes of this.

I had hoped to put pictures in this post, but alas, there are only words.  I thank you for your continued prayers, Only 2 weeks left of student teaching, 3 weeks until graduation, and 4 weeks until I become a Mrs!

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