Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week #11

I can hardly believe that I only have one week left of student teaching.  This brings mixed emotions, to be sure.

We had our achievement testing this week, so the schedule was way off.  My students did so well though with the testing, and having positive attitudes about sitting silent for so long.  I am so proud of them.  This meant that I essentially had all morning of sitting still and quiet in the back too.  I was able to get a lot of work done though, for which I am thankful.

The students have been learning about contractions, so for a learning center, I made several contraction flowers.  They are laminated separate from the stems/leaves, so the students have to match them up.

 We have also been traveling across America visiting different landmarks of our country.  As a cross curricular activity, the students each made a Flat Stanley, that we sent to different people across the country. Here are a few pictures I have gotten back, signifying their state...

 Flat Ella in Virginia with the Dogwood flower.

Flat Stanley in Pennsylvania at the Steamboat Inn in Lancaster. 

Flat Ella in North Carolina in the cockpit of a commercial flight. The Wright Brothers had their first flight in North Carolina.

I had wanted to post this last week, but clearly that did not happen.  My sweet host teacher gave me a gift to help relax for the PRAXIS.  She has been a huge blessing.

I had my last observation this week, and am working on tying up all loose ends as I finish student teaching on Thursday.  Friday is our senior day, and then next week is post student teaching meetings, and then Bible Conference.  I graduate in two weeks--WOW.  I get married in three weeks--WOWER!  So thankful for the Lord carrying me and allowing me such blessings.

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