Friday, July 12, 2013

Name Change

My name has changed, and so has my blog name.  I thoroughly enjoyed carrying my maiden name for the first twenty-one years of my life.  My family has made it a good name, and one with heritage.  Upon marriage though, I was proud to change my name to now hold my husband's last name.  What a joy that is.  Being a teacher, I get to hear my name numerous times each day...and I love it!  A name change offers refreshment and a new light to things.  It marks a something new.

Since marrying my sweetheart, we have become one, that is biblical.  We have enjoyed the beginning of blending our lives together and making new traditions for our new family.  It is fun learning how the other was raised, and then together deciding on how things will be done in our home.  We most certainly have a conglomeration from his home, my home, and from the homes of various families who have impacted our lives.  It is an adventure we are thoroughly enjoying.

With this, the blog will take a slight change.  This is no longer a blog about my life, but about our life.  With that, I am changing the title of this blog from "Rebekah's Blog" to "Our Little Family".  Even though there are only two of us, we are a new family now.  The word family is such a sweet word and I enjoy using it.  I try to refrain from overusing the word "couple", because while we are that, we are a family as well.  In future years, we hope to watch our little family grow, but for now, we are a little family.

We want this blog to be a journal and sharing of the goodness of God!  Our meeting is evidence of God's goodness.  Our relationship throughout the years is proof of God's goodness.  Our engagement is a showing of God's goodness, and finally our marriage screams God's goodness on our lives.  We can't contain our happiness as we bask in His goodness.  Therefore, we must vent and share the fun happenings we are experiencing on our walk with our Savior.  While I will still be the primary blogger, our goal is to draw your attention not only to His goodness in our life, but His workings of goodness in your life as well.  Bask in it!

So without further husband and I share our lives with you as we thank God for His goodness!

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