Thursday, June 27, 2013

I love teaching, second to being a wife!

I feel like I have been starting the past several blogs all the same way.  With, "God is so good!" The English grammar side of me says to use variation, yet there are no other words....God is so good!  I find myself constantly basking in His goodness, and so thankful for this phase of life I am in right's summer time and I get to be a wife and teacher!  Doesn't get much better then that (with the exception of being a teacher-mom, several years down the road).

So with the first on the list: Summer.  Summer is going very well.  Charlotte is breaking us in easy with the summer temperatures.  Last week especially was absolutely gorgeous.  The mornings and evenings are bearable, and so my mister and I enjoy a stroll to the mail center, or around the complex.  A week or so ago, we went downtown to visit our farmer's market.  We are site seeing more and more in this beautiful city we currently call home. 

We are settling into a new church nicely, and are overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people.  This past Sunday we had another young couple treat us out to dinner after church.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, and were refreshed by the sweet fellowship of another young married couple.  This coming Sunday, the church is celebrating 44 years!  We plan to participate in the potluck lunch, as well as the other special activities.  Though summer is wonderful, we are eager to see people on a more steady basis, without the hecticness of summer travels.

The other "exciting" happenings of the summer include a root canal for me.  I had it yesterday, and I would say it went fairly well.  It took longer then expected, but my mister was still able to make it to work on time.  I have been in very little pain, which I am thankful for.

As far as teaching, I am in week #2.  Last week was a challenge in that it was my first week.  The students were getting to know me (and testing their limits), as I was getting to know them, and feeling out a schedule.  This week has been leaps more enjoyable.  As I was telling my mister, "I think the Lord is growing a love in my heart for these students, and they are recognizing that love I have for them".  Love is so important in a situation like this.  I absolutely love being called Mrs. Miller so many times in one day.  What a joy.  On Thursdays, we take the students on a field trip.  Last week we went to this fascinating science discovery museum in uptown (for Charlotte, the big buildings city is called uptown), where we played with lots, and were even able to see an IMAX on animals, and a 3D movie on turtles.  Today we went to a park.  It was about an hour drive in the bus.  The students were able to "pan for rocks/gold", go to a small zoo, play on playgrounds, have a picnic, get soaked in a splash park, ride a carousel and ride a train, all in one day, in one park!  The students loved it, and each one fell asleep on the bus on the way back.

As much as I love teaching, I love being a wife first and foremost.  No matter how much I love my students, I am eager to take a break from them so that I can spend time with just my mister all next week.  We are doing a delayed honeymoon, as he was not able to get PTO until he had been working with the company for a year.  I had been warned, and therefore was prepared to have struggles switching from a long distance relationship to living together.  So far, we have not hit those struggles.  In fact, my starting work has been especially difficult in my missing him so much.  For instance today....I left for work at 7:30, got home a little before 4, and he will not get home until 1:00 am (if he doesn't have to stay late).  Needless to say, I am eager to go on a vacation with my best friend next week! 

Our home continues to get settled in, and what a huge help my mister is in this.  He helps get me over the hurdles of being overwhelmed.  We enjoy cooking together, as well as eating together (another rarety right now with both of our working...opposite shifts).  My sweet husband has been a phenomenal help and encouragement as we adjust to my working.  He helps do work in the home while I am at work, and has been so patient with me as I try and work on a routine to make sure I get all of the home responsibilities done on top of working outside the home.

I am going to close out this post with an a challenge to you to contemplate areas in your life (though in reality it is all of them) in which you see God's goodness.  Don't forget to praise HIM for those!  Until next time, bask in His goodness, my friends.

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