Friday, June 7, 2013

Loving Life....

May I just say that I love being married to Daniel?!  It is blissful joy.  I enjoy blogging, but enjoy marriage much much more, therefore blogging has taken a back burner.  Another reason is because I have lost my camera card in the move making me realize this post will be boring without it.  I am simply a woman madly in love, and hardly able to focus on anything but that.  I will try and keep in mind though that you do not care to read all about my blissful marriage to my best friend.

Tomorrow marks four weeks of marriage.  We are settling into our cute little home nicely.  I found myself overwhelmed a week ago and in a pause.  I was sick of disorder in our guestroom and simply wanted to be all moved in.  Daniel picked up on this, and helped motivate me by working with me and keeping me focused so that I was able to see progress.  This has helped me turn a corner and I am loving our home.  I also love that my husband loves our home.  Just this morning when cooking breakfast together, he stated how much he liked our cute little home.  I want our home to be a haven for my mister, as well as all who enter.

We have been doing some traveling since our wedding.  We had planned early on in our engagement that we wanted to spend some time visiting grandparents this summer.  When I was offered a position as teacher for the summer, we had to make some arrangements to work around this.  This resulted in our traveling sooner then originally planned.  We visited Virginia our first week to visit with Dad and Mom Miller, and Dad Miller's parents.  The next weekend, we flew out to Texas to visit Mom Miller's parents.  Upon arriving back, we learned that Grandma Miller was having a rough day.  After several turn of events, Grandma Miller entered into eternity with her Savior on Wednesday, May 29th.  We were so thankful for that visit we had just had.

We spent this past weekend in Virginia with Daniel's side of the family to celebrate Grandma's life.  Our last few days of weekend, Daniel and I were able to work on our home, and enjoy some time together.  We were even able to go on a date, thanks to a gift from a dear friend.  Sadly, Daniel had to return to work on Wednesday, and our life is back to our new normal.  I am incredibly thankful though for Daniel's job and how hard he works to provide for our family.

On Sunday, we continue our travels, only this time... North!  My 'little' sister graduates from high school next week.  Several times a day, I feel very young, but my sister's graduation from high school makes me feel old.  She is a beautiful young lady with the intelligence to be very successful in college.  Excited to see where God leads my dear sister.

I have four hours until my husband gets home.  Laundry is done and folder, kitchen is clean and in order.  I want to bake, but have already baked too much that we have more food then we can keep up with.  I will try and get my pictures, in order to post.  We all agree that would be more interesting.

Until next time....Grace and Peace be unto you!

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