Saturday, November 9, 2013

the most wonderful day

I sit here in the airport awaiting my flight to Charleston to visit some dear friends finishing up their time student teaching (same as I did this past spring, simply at a different school).  I look forward to a fun ladies' afternoon with these two, though still am dealing with the happy remnants of yesterday, one of the most wonderful days.

To give a little background...I had a root canal.  The week before our wedding, my tooth began hurting.  As soon as moving, we found a dentist and learned I needed a root canal. Long story short, we transferred dentists after the root canal procedure to finish up with the crown.  The mister and I decided to use his 'childhood' dentist office.  All that to say, the dentist we attend is about two and a half hours away where his parents currently live.  Yesterday was my last appointment dealing with this root canal...hip hip hooray!

This may lead you to believe "how could it be such a wonderful day?" (especially considering I absolute despise the dentist).

1. I got to spend all day with my husband.  Life is too busy and a lot of times it feels like we work opposite schedules. 

2. One of my favorite things to do with my mister is travel.  He went to his Men's Bible study and we left right after.  We got to have over five hours in the car together.  We got to catch up on life, laugh our heads off, and sing way too loud (one of those things only your spouse can still love you after).

3. The foliage while traveling was both refreshing and gorgeous.

4. We made it safely to my in-laws where Mom had prepared an amazing brunch of an omelet bake (ham and mushrooms... two of our favorites), sausage, and my personal favorite... pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  She knows my love of pumpkin and knew it would be something I would enjoy.

5. She went even further and made me coffee... with pumpkin spice creamer.

6. The dental appointment went so well.  My permanent crown has been placed.  I was in the chair for only 10-15 minutes and it was without any pain- Praise the Lord!  The root canal process is complete.

7. We went back to my in-laws and enjoyed the fall weather by being outside.  It was cool enough to need a jacket and give that nice rosy tint to your cheeks.  Fall is my favorite season of the year, and I was in my glory (pain free) crunching through the leaves in the front yard.

8.  Living the city life, we are unable to practice shooting very often.  Daniel had made a project in college with the same material they use for bullet proof vests (only thinner).  He had saved that project for the purpose (and joy) of target practicing on it.  We were able to practice using this project (and a bulls eye) as targets.  Daniel did very well with the rifle.  I did well with the revolver, though poorly with the home defense pistol.  We loved being outside, and the smell of gunpowder.

9. With it being on the chilly side, while the men picked up, we ladies ran inside to make some hot apple cider (another favorite hot drink of mine).

10. The four of us enjoyed conversation as we warmed up with the hot cider.  We are thankful for time spent with family.

11.  When we got back on the road my husband suggested we celebrate being done with the root canal with Cook-Out Shakes.  Caramel Fudge was my choice flavor this time, and helped make the slowing traffic a sweeter time.

12. We got home later then anticipated, but had been anticipating our pulled pork sandwiches (which we had frozen from when my mother in law had been at our place a while back and we had an excess of leftovers) so we ate a late dinner.

I had switched my hours and had the day off from my precious (though tiring at times) preschoolers.  I was thankful to instead have a wonderful fall day with my husband and in-laws in the fall weather, celebrating the completion of my root canal.

What would make for a wonderful day for you?

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