Saturday, November 2, 2013


I am thankful for my little family of two. I am thankful for changing foliage.  I am thankful for days off from work.  I am thankful that Christmas is getting closer for me to visit my parents and siblings.

November is that wonderful time of year when people tend to be more pleasant. I see there being at least two things that bring this about.  1: This month begins the festivities of the winter holiday season and 2: This is when the majority of people focus on the good things in their life, providing opportunities to be thankful.  If we allowed ourselves to allow #2 to be a year round occurrence, we could help contribute to a better place.

My mister amazes me.
He is staying busy with work and is honest in the work he does.  I hear of the other men at work and how far too often then try to cut corners.  I am thankful for the testimony my husband has in a job well done.  He has not had any over time in a while (which we aren't necessarily complaining about).  He work four tens, meaning he gets a three day weekend.  Lately, his weekends have been packed with car repairs.

The Lord has blessed us with providing a new-to-us (thought still ten years old) vehicle.  This has left my handy husband trying to repair my old (in every sense of the word) vehicle in hopes of getting some money in return off of it.  In this adventure, God's timing allowed his car to act up some too...grr.  Especially this past weekend, when he wasn't helping me around our home, he was researching, calling, and looking into ways to fix our car.

We readjust our perspective though to being thankful that we both have a consistent job, as well as each have a vehicle to get to work with.

This past week involved only a few extra hours.  Between you and me, I was very thankful.  This housewife was ready for some time at home to do some much needed cleaning and laundry.  All around, I feel better just being able to pick up, vacuum, and wash/dry/fold/put away our laundry.  This allowed three mornings where I was able to stay home with my man and we could work together (our favorite).

Sickness is going through my classroom and I am doing my best to stay far from it.  I find myself discouraged with how sick I have been this year.  I am continually reminded though of two large causes. 1: I am working with kiddos, and have not yet built immunity against their germs and 2: I have recently moved and my body is still learning the environment of this fun state we currently call home.

Tonight our church is having their annual Fall Festival.  We are volunteering to help work one of the game booths.  We love our church and the fact that they are a solid church preaching The Word of God.  We love serving alongside our family in Christ.  Did I mention that we are thankful for them?!

What are you thankful for?

The mister and I plan to take time daily this month to write down some things we are thankful for, so stay tuned at the end of this month for that post!

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  1. We are thankful for our son and his bride and their love/service for our Lord!