Monday, October 28, 2013

Menu Madness: Fall Favorites

The mister and I had a busy week.  I ended up doing a bit of subbing and he was keeping busy working on our vehicles (have I mentioned how thankful I am for his being willing and able to do that sort of stuff?  I am!).  Our house was a wreck, and I was not anticipating being home on Saturday, my regular "catch up" day.  I had planned to do this housework on Thursday but was then called in to sub in the preschool.  This left Friday morning to do our cleaning and baking...before noon.  We got a lot accomplished working together, and our home smelled wonderful.  While the different things were baking, we would work on the next recipe, or clean for a bit.

In those short four hours, we...

...did two loads of laundry
...cleaned our bathroom
...picked up around the apartment
...made granola
...made forty-four mini pumpkin pies
...made a sweet potato pie
...made twenty-three meatballs

I was to work on time, and we both felt very accomplished.  We enjoy working together as a team and are amazed at what can get done.

Here are some of our favorite fall (or anytime) recipes:
#1: Sweet Potato Pie- we would redo this recipe, but next time we would pay attention better to how they soften the potato.  We cut ours up into small cubes and boiled.  This worked, but when in the blender, we didn't get the strings described (because the strings were too short from being cubed), and instead we got them in the pie.  
#2: Crustless Mini Pumpkin Pie- I found this to be difficult in knowing when they were done.  You want them a little "gooey" because it isn't a cake, but you also don't want it too gooey.  They were tastey none the less.
#3 Granola- okay, truth be told, we make this year round. It is in fact quite rare to find our home without any homemade granola.  We snack on it plain, eat it over yogurt and fruit, or as cereal.  This is a recipe from my mom...I may share it some day (if she allows).  As a runner up to its taste, this granola makes our home smell divine.
#4: Finished Crustless Mini Pumpkin Pie- these are simply #2 with the cool whip and cinnamon on them.  They call for a normal size muffin tin, but we made them mini for a fall game night we had at church with the other young couples.  I do believe I enjoy these more and more each day.

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