Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on life

We are so thankful the season of cool breezes, comfy pj pants and hoodies, pumpkins, falling leaves, hot drinks, candy corn, browns and oranges is here.  We love fall.  I sit here sipping my hot chocolate after already having a cup of hot tea while doing my Bible study reading.  This season welcomes warm thoughts, and I love celebrating it with my husband.  Before marriage, we celebrated these things apart, and so this year, celebrating together has been a welcome change.  We are in love, and love the time we have together.

My mister has had to suffer through my fall baking adventures and pumpkin cravings.  We have made pull apart pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin waffles, hot apple cider, and still so much more.  The aromas of fall fill our home from a combination of baking and fall scented candles.

We have been keeping moderately busy.  His schedule seems to constantly be changing, and I continue to get a few substitute teaching opportunities.  Most of my recent subbing has been in the preschool.  I have enjoyed this, because I already know the kiddos and their routine.  A recent change that will be taking effect soon is one of our students will start coming to our home when he needs to stay late.  The mister and I are excited about this as we feel it will be a positive change for all those involved.

Early last week I found myself with the hiccups.  I was working with one of my students when he commented (and mimicked) my hiccups.  Then in excitement he exclaimed "I want to show you a trick".  Noticing that he was going to try and hide, I tried to help him out by closing my eyes.  "No! no! no!  You have to watch.  I am going to hide"  He proceeded to hide behind a curtain, and then jumped out with a shout.  I began laughing when he asked "Did I scare you?"  Thankful that I was laughing too hard to answer, he pointed at me and said "You don't have your hiccups anymore, do you?"  Have I mentioned lately how much I do enjoy my job?!

We have done some small travels lately and look forward to some more in the near future.  Due to a suggestion from a church friend, we went to a local park.  There was a beautiful small pond/lake that we walked around and enjoyed the cool fall weather.  Then yesterday, we got up early and drove a few hours to visit with my aunt and uncle that were in the "area" from Texas.  We spent the morning with them going to the beach, and then drove a few more hours to go to one of Daniel's apartment mate's wedding.  It was so fun to go to a wedding as a married couple.  The wedding was beautiful and saturated with Scripture bringing ultimate glory to God.  How refreshing to see another man and woman joining forces to serve Christ.  We then got in the car {again!} and drove home.  It was a fun day-cation.  This week, we plan to drive to VA for my second-to-last appointment concerning my root canal.  I am thankful to no longer be in pain from that, but am eager to have it completely behind me.

We are both doing well, and are healthy.  We praise the Lord for that.  We are thankful for the example Christ sets for us, in order that we may imitate Him.

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