Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Madness

Last week had many successes (I took a few more pictures this week).  I am thankful for a patient husband who is willing to be the guinea pig to my new recipes.  This week has me trying a new ingredient...sweet potatoes.  Growing up, we really didn't ever eat sweet potatoes.  I can count on one hand the times I remember having sweet potatoes and they were always in a delicious, yet extra sugary casserole.  I think this scared me, leading me to believe that they were a very bitter root that need all the help it could get.  I posted on facebook asking for people's favorite recipes using sweet potatoes and got an overwhelmingly positive response.  They were cheaper then potatoes this week at Aldis and it is my understanding that they are by far more nutritious.  I am very eager to experiment.

So hear you have it...this week's menu.

Monday: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
Tuesday: Apple Pork Chops excited to bringing apples into this dish

Wednesday: Baked Sweet Potato
Thursday:  Vegetable Soup Still looking for just the right recipe
Friday: Sweet Potato Pizza this is one of the suggestions on facebook from one of my friends.  You use a mashed sweet potato as your "sauce", then add feta cheese, purple onion, and mozerella cheese.  This is a very different style then the mister and I usually eat, but we love food, and are up to trying new things.
Saturday: Chili was given a "Crock Pot Bible" as a wedding gift.  It has a delicious chili recipe in it that we LOVE!
Sunday: Chicken Sweet Potato Pie basically, this is shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, and chicken(even though the recipe calls for turkey) instead of ground beef 

Hoping to have some extra sweet potatoes to make a sweet potato pie!

And from last week...

The pumpkin waffles were absolutely wonderful!  The recipe makes a lot, so we continued to eat them throughout the week as dessert.  I had to tweak the black bean enchiladas slightly by using half chili enchilada sauce, and the other half salsa.  Super yummy.  I think the ranch pork chops were my husband's favorite.  We had some leftover sauce from it, and so we used it as a dipping sauce for some drying out homemade bread!  The thing I loved about the 7 layer dip was it was so easy.  My husband added the great advice, "What if we ate this as a hot dip next time?".  We will be utilizing his suggestion next time.

If you missed these recipes, they can be found here!

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