Friday, September 10, 2010

a Friday night at work

Life has been insanely crazy this week. I am feeling the weight of taking on so many extra responsibilities, but I have enjoyed each tremendously. There were a few points throughout the week that I wondered if I would make it through, but the Lord is so good and carried me through on His strength! The week is not yet over, but I have full confidence that the Lord will continue to carry me through, for He is good!

Classes are still going well, but we definitely "hit the ground running" (as one of my teachers often expresses). I have already read through an entire textbook from cover to cover. I seem to be enjoying each of my classes, though some I don't look forward to as much. But I really have nothing to complain about.

I started the new curriculum at church on Wednesday night with six children between the ages of two and five. I love those children and love teaching them from God's Word. The new curriculum is like none other I have ever done before. This curriculum does not provide the teacher with what to say, or even any "hints", they just give the Bible passage. I love that because I feel so often children's curriculum are watered down and stray from the Bible adding extra "fluff". I appreciate how this curriculum is completely biblical with no extra "fluff". One other thing they try to draw our attention to is to make sure that the main character of every story is God, as opposed to Abraham, Esther, Ruth, etc. I am also trying extra hard to get the parents involved so that they are reinforcing the lesson and scripture memory to the children throughout the week. I am excited to see what the Lord will do this year through this time with the dear children.

I have started my new job and am actually really enjoying it. Most of the time I just get to work on homework, and when people do come around, I get to chat with them a little bit. I don't feel as guilty taking the time to just talk because it isn't really homework time anyways, but work time. Tonight has been the best of them all as there has been a lot of activity which keeps things fun and moving.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some work with CEF at a children's festival painting faces. I have never done this exact type of ministry before, but am excited. I know I am painting faces and have been told that the face paintings are done with the colors of the wordless book and as you paint it on their face, you tell the story of the wordless book. My big prayer is that I have the strength to do a good job for the Lord's glory.

I find myself very tired and ready for Sunday as my day off, and of rest. Though this week has been busy it has been good. I trust you all will have a blessed weekend!

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