Sunday, September 26, 2010

long week and weekend

Man has this been a weekend, and really a week. It has been a week I have felt my double major, and have felt the elementary education aspect of it. Here at ABC, the el ed program is known to be the hardest, and we put in about 30 extra credit hours then any other major. I am tired, and worn out. I am very thankful though for how the Lord has carried me through this time, and how He continues to do so.

I don't necessarily have the time to fill you in on all of the details, for which I am sure you are thankful, but things continue to go well. I had a Testing and Curriculum test on Friday which everyone knows Dr. Burch's exams are a killer, so that had me studying a bit. But the Lord helped me, and I feel I did quite well on the exam. Anxiously awaiting the results. Teaching on Wednesday night was a lot of fun, but a bit chaotic, as I wasn't there as early to prepare everything, and I have forgotten how long it takes young children to do a simple craft. I also taught this morning for the 2s-5s class, which was a lot of fun, but very trying at the same time. Yesterday I was doing homework from 8:30am until about 9pm with a lunch and work (I worked the soccer game) break, therefore not leaving me with too much time to study today's lesson. I had twelve children (not all the best behaved) with no helper. I ended up paging one of the mom's I know a little better, and she was kind enough to come down and help me- boy am I thankful!

I worked this afternoon studying away, and cleaning a little bit. One of the highlights of my week is our College Small Group on Sunday nights. The transitioning-in Pastor and his wife lead it, and what a blessing that is. We have great fellowship (and if I might add, great food) and time together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tomorrow holds a lot for me: two exams, and two large projects due! I am confident about one exam, not as confident on the other, and the two projects are complete! If there is any way I can lift you up in prayer this week, please drop me an email and I would be delighted to do so. God has really been working on me with my prayer life, and how rewarding that has been.

Have a great week!

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