Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break #2

I made the banana chocolate chip scones and was pleased with how they turned out.  The banana flavor is very strong so if you don't like banana, I highly doubt you will like these.  We enjoyed sharing one hot one, and the rest were for breakfast on Tuesday.

Monday night's taco stuffed shells turned out well. The family enjoyed them (which is my ultimate goal).  I stayed up a little late Monday night having a mini girl's night with Mom and sis.

Our first part was making face masks.  The face masks were made out of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  They smelled amazing.  I mixed up the paste and brought it downstairs and both Mom and sis turned up their noses with the looks of it.  Let's just say it didn't look to appealing to put on your face.  We applied the masks to each other and giggled the entire time.  Giggling is definitely an essential for a girl's night.  It had to stay on for half an hour.  The gravity continued to pull the paste down making it drip.  So we all sat on the couch with a magazine under our chin to catch the drips.  We were definitely a sight to be seen.  It was especially fun when the phone rang.  We had mom get it.  It was so funny watching her try and talk on the phone when she couldn't put it up to her face, and was trying to still hold the magazine under her chin.
 After wiping the mask off of our face, we decided the evening couldn't be over yet.  I needed some de-stressing, and so we all decided to soak our feet in a hot bath with epsom salt and lilac scent.  It was indeed very stressful.  Mom and sis shared a bowl of water and Sarah struggled with how hot the water was.  This is only one of her faces.

Tuesday morning I was able to go over to the cabin Tim and Beth are staying at and watch my beautiful niece while Mom and Beth went to Bible study.  We had such fun playing and chasing each other in circles.  One big difference I have noticed in her growing up is how her play has changed.  Her play has become much more intelligent.  She hugs and (occasionally) kisses her dolls and animals.  She runs a car on the ground on the wheels.  Beth has been seeing some organization tendencies already, and I can see it too!  She picks up her toys and reorganizes them several times.  They have to be just so.  Something else she loves is reading.  She loves having books read to her.  I put her down for a nap and enjoyed a wonderful quiet time while laying in the sun spot in the office of the cabin.

She had been in the same position for the first hour plus of her nap.  When I went in to check on her a while later, I found her re-positioned...rump in the air! 

Last night's dinner was enchilada pasta.  We all loved it!  There was just enough spice, and the flavor was just very delicious, if I am allowed to say so.

I had a bit of homework to do to make up for not getting my three hours done in the morning.  So while Mom and Sarah went to a basketball game, I stayed home and studied for biology.

Today was my day at home to plow through more homework.  I was able to get a bit of work done in math and on my Doctrine 3 outline and bibliography.  It was a long morning of homework-ugh.

This afternoon though we had a nice visit from Tim, Beth, and Annette (for Tim to collect sap).  It is so special to have Tim bring Annette inside and for her to run over to us.  Oh I love that little girl so very much.

While she was here, Mom and I worked on making some lemon blueberry pull-apart bread.  I have very little experience with yeast, and so I am actually kind of scared of it.  I enjoy cooking, and want to continually be learning new things, so I wanted to work with yeast with Mom's help.  It was a long process though.  I fixed some dinner during it's second rising.  Tonight's dinner was Southwestern Chicken Wraps, Becky style, haha. The family also gave a thumbs up for the wraps! 

The bread came out just in time for dessert...mmm mmm mmm!

Well folks, it is time for me to get thinking about bed.  Tomorrow is a busy day with visiting grandparents.  Hope you all are enjoying your week.  I am enjoying my break, even if I am keeping myself busy.

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