Sunday, April 8, 2012

Post for my Fellow Teacher Friends

Lately, I have been having my eyes opened to how much there is online for teachers.  A lot of it you have to pay for, but there is also a lot of it for free.  Some of it is just great ideas to pack away for the near future.  I have not found all of these myself.  Some I have stumbled upon, but most of it has been shown to be by friends of mine.  I wanted to share just a few of my favorite sites, and who knows, maybe you haven't found one of them before and can serve as an aid for you in your teaching career.

These next two websites are common ones.  If you register, you can download many of their resources for free. (I have the link to go specifically to the free downloads)

This has been newly introduced to me this year in college.  I didn't like it at first, but after having to make one together with my technology class, I have much more appreciation for it.  When you search and find one, the other teacher's have done the hard work for you of sifting through all the non-helpful websites.

Thanks to my friend Sarah for showing me this website.  It goes far beyond teaching but is great for teaching as well.  If I remember correctly, you do need to set up an account to "pin" anything on it.  This doesn't have free printables like the first two sites, but this does have a plethora of ideas, with links for how to do it (which is where I find many of the great blogs I keep an eye on now).

She has a bunch of free downloads, but sometimes they aren't overly usable because they go with a certain book.  But she has a bunch of stuff not book related too.

Frogs and Cupcakes
She has several fun resources.  She is a fun, gifted teacher.

This blog contains a lot about her "little monkeys" too, but she is a creative mom along with a talented teacher.  On her blog you will find many free printables.

Cricut Your Classroom
For those of you blessed with a Cricut, check out this woman's blog!  If you don't have a Cricut, there are still some great ideas!

Clutter Free Classroom
I think most people have discovered this blog, but she has some great ideas for organization in a classroom.

Mrs. Jump's Class
She has a lot of just fun ideas.  She sells a lot of her stuff too.

Something to remember about fonts (that I keep remembering the hard way) is that other people don't have the same fonts downloaded.  What does that mean?  Well, if you email a document as Word, when they open it, it will go to a default font, usually messing up a lot of formatting.  Everything you send, if you want your font to show up, you have to save as a PDF.

Kevin and Amanda
This has oodles and oodles of fun creative fonts.  There is an option to download them all at once.

Phillip Martin
I have found a lot of stuff on his site.  What I like about his, and how I can find so many varieties from him, but they still have the same "flavor".  I can make a project using one type of clip art for the many different things I need to use clip art for.

Dollar Graphics DepotI would not be apposed to spending money on this blog, because I feel her prices are very reasonable for what she is giving.  I have not yet, because I have not yet had a need where I was unable to find something somewhere else.  I love the "flavor" though of her graphics.  Notice she does have a monthly freebie though!

Well, I think this is enough resources for one day.  But I have found each of these helpful in their own time, and I hope you, as fellow teacher friends, are able to find some helpful sites on here as well.

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